Sharing a few insights from my journey as a Social Influencer

Sharing a few insights from my journey as a Social Influencer

Sharing a few insights from my journey as a Social Influencer

I was recently featured on Winkl; an open platform for the curiosity-driven people which stimulates experimental minds, where they can truly showcase their thoughts and create a social base which nurtures and encourages the art of creating.


1. What was the main reason for you to start your blog?

Me: A blog lends you a voice. What you share through your blog will be echoed in the lives of your readers in ways that you may not even imagine. Whether it is sharing your thoughts with others or helping others through your valuable experiences, a blog is all about sharing your insights to enlighten your readers.

Bloggers, in my opinion, are a very resourceful community of people. They have the ability to take up challenges, and they have a willingness to bring knowledge to people in more ways than a classroom can. Their creative minds wander further than the usually trodden paths. Their curious eyes look deeper into the layers of everything they see. Ideation is not just a word for them – it is their way of life. Through a blog you bring an idea, a concept or a thought as perceived by the kaleidoscope of your brain.

Personally, what motivates me to write my blog is the ability to bring a smile to my readers’ face, to help them live more fulfilling lives and to inspire them to achieve more than they could.

2. How do I try to differentiate myself from the other blogs out there?

Me: Getting noticed is a conundrum that every blogger faces, especially because of the huge number of blogs that are coming up each day. This is what has helped me:

* Amazing content. Yes, this is mostly what it takes to get noticed. I have seen too many blogs with content that looks too hurried, posts that inarticulately cover an experience or a thought that has been posted with the least effort to explain it. For me, the beauty of content lies in the depth with which you touch the subject or thought that you are covering.

* Adding Value. Your readers visit your blog to know about or to learn about something. I add valuable tips or provide some useful information, which I know my readers will thank me for. I always ask myself this question, “How can I make this post amazingly useful?”.

* Make it Zesty. Your honesty will shine resplendently in your blogs, and readers enjoy that integrity, but there is a hint of zest that makes a blog standout.

* Use Quality Images. We always enjoy looking at eye-catching images. I use impactful and memorable images to complement every one of my posts.

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