Ring in the New Year in Style

Ring in the New Year in Style

It is the perfect time of year to be as festive as you fancy! After that last bit of gift-wrapping paper has been discarded and the X’mas left-overs have been demolished, the time has come to ring in 2017 with a spectacular New Year’s Eve bash!



Here are my practical tips to get your party planning started:

Set the Mood: The best dinner parties, in my opinion, are the ones where the food is prepped ahead of time. I love having something for guests to nibble on as they stand around and chat. Preparing small bites/hors d’oeuvres in advance will help keep your guests engaged and keep you from the kitchen guaranteeing quality face time with all of them.

Keep it simple with shrimp cocktail, cheese platters, tortilla chips & dip; bruschetta, quiche and crab cakes just to mention a few. Serving dinner later at night will make midnight appear nearer than you might suspect! When in doubt… pop some frozen treats in the oven! Sometimes it can be so nice to have it ready to go!



Keep the Spread Warm and the Party Fun: And when the table is filled with delicious warm food, who isn’t happy? There is certainly no better approach to feeding your guests than buffet style; all things considered, this is your New Year’s Eve, too! Spend time with your loved ones while you are waiting for the clock to strike midnight.

Plan for different flavors while including both hot and cold dishes; Roast turkey with mixed-herb gravy, glazed jerk ham and beef stroganoff are good ideas for your buffet table, as these meats will hold up well. By keeping dinner on buffet chafing dishes, your guests will think more about “Let’s set the dance floor on fire!”, and less about when to eat.



Ensure You Have Enough to Feed a Crowd: There is nothing worse than coming up short on food before the clock strikes 12. Follow these general guidelines to make certain your guests leave your party satisfied. For meat, you can feed about thirty people with 8-10 kilos of Turkey, 3-4 kilos of boneless ham, or a 5 kilo roast beef. Pasta is a crowd pleaser! Figure about 60 grams {dry} per person if it is being served as a side dish and about 100 grams per person if pasta is your main. It will be amply sufficient when you consider hors d’oeuvres and side dishes.



Your Toast to the New Year: It’s New Year’s Eve, what’s a celebration without some festive cocktails! And what better way to give your guests some time to relax and get in the party mood. Instead of weighing your guests down with heavy drinks, serve light Sangria and fruit-infused punch or Coca-Cola Mini cans which are available in an assortment of flavours including Coke, Coke Zero and Diet Coke {alcohol-free alternatives}.



Make Lasting Memories When the Clock Strikes 12: There are numerous traditions around the world that are followed when the clock strikes twelve. In my family, we sing happy songs and eat cake as we count down from twelve to Happy New Year! This New Year’s eve, gather your guests to create new traditions as the clocks strikes midnight that will make enduring memories throughout 2017.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year 2017 from our little corner of the world and hope you’re with your loved ones!


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