Revel in Luxury at Spa by JW

Revel in Luxury at Spa by JW

Invigorate your senses, awaken inner wellness with an array of all-natural spa and massage treatments. Review.

Is there anything more enjoyable than a spa day?

Spas have been a matter of luxury since eons. The use of thermal springs and hot baths is centuries old and till this day the allure of a spa has not faded. Luxury hospitality chain, JW Marriott Hotels & Resorts has reinvented the spa concept by demystifying and re-imagining the spa experience.


A spa visitors dream come true, at “Spa by JW” at the JW Marriott Lavelle Road, Bangalore, you will discover an inspired spa concept that favours a simplistic outlook that matches the peaceful ambiance of the spa. Minimalism inspires the surroundings here and complexities reside only in the products that have been designed to revitalize the senses. With an intuitive experience with treatments, there are four core benefit states which the products aspire to address: Calm, Indulge, Invigorate and Renew.


For all those weary souls who have had too much to do but too less time for themselves, this is just the place to be. Step into Spa by JW and you will feel a sense of tranquility replacing the distractions in your mind. Their signature treatments oblige with a calming effect on your inner soul leaving you rejuvenated from within.

Sample services include a 15-minute tense shoulders massage or the full hour “Sleep Deeply” treatment.


Take a guilt-free trip to indulgence of the body and mind with therapeutic treatments that soothe in the most sublime and simplistic way. The range of products used at Spa by JW truly pampers your body, leaving a rewarding lasting effect on you.

Sample services include an “Ultimate Aromatherapy” massage or the “Intense Nourishment” luxurious body treatment.


In our day to day life, we often lose the true essence of living by leading a life that is bogged down by pressures of work, relationships and our own goals. Once we topple the scales and lose the equilibrium of work and life, we may find it difficult to balance it once again. This is why Spa by JW has the Renew treatment for those who want to give themselves a new start; from massages to facials to personalised body treatments, a complete renewal of the body, mind and spirit will help you leave the spa feeling invigorated and re-energized.

Sample services include a “Jet Lag Cure” or “Energy Boost” express massage.


The Renew treatment will help you discover a sense of clarity, a more balanced life and that state of well-being that has drifted too far from centre. It gives you the chance to leave behind exhaustion of the body and restlessness of the mind so that you can enjoy a renewed sense of energy in yourself.

Sample services include an “Intense Muscle Relief” or a “Detox & Revitalize” body treatment.

For those who like to take indulgence to the next level, in addition to a personalized spa experience which is known to be a paradisaical retreat for fatigued bodies and lethargic souls, the serene property also has a 24 hour fitness centre which operates as a part of the Spa, includes a splendid sauna, a breath-taking Jacuzzi and a pool.



Spa by JW to Demystify and Re-imagine the Spa Experience

I was recently invited by the JW Marriott Bangalore to experience their hospitality and also try the exquisite therapies newly introduced by Spa by JW.

In my eyes, a spa treatment is one of those blissful experiences where you are able to shut away everything from the rest of the world {no calls, emails or TV show blaring in the background from my laptop} and allow yourself to be truly pampered. I treat myself to an hour and a half long spa treatment every fortnight. It stretches to two hours if I include a steam or Jacuzzi along with shower time. My experience at a spa scores a perfect ten when it has informed, well trained staff, a soothing environment and a truly nurturing experience for my body and soul – and my rendezvous with the Spa by JW was all of this and much more.


Once I stepped out of the elevator on to the galleria level of JW Marriott, Bangalore I found myself looking at plush urban décor which complimented the aesthetics of the building rather beautifully. I registered traces of lemon grass which seemed to play an important part in the rather unwinding environment. Dimmed-out lights combined with relaxing music welcomed me to the foyer where I was seated for my appointment.





I filled out an acquaintance form which is used by the masseuse to understand my pressure points and the problem areas to be focused on. I was then guided to their relaxing lounge area, where I could enjoy some sweet treats, read their signature magazine and sip on herbal green tea; while I waited for my masseuse to prepare the spa room for my therapy.




SPA Treatment I chose: The Polynesian Spa Journey

Description on the menu card: The Polynesian Spa Journey is an exotic treatment inspired by three of the most beautiful islands hidden in the heart of the Pacific Ocean.

• Taha’a: From the island of Taha’a begins this journey with an Exotic island body scrub, a gentle vanilla-scented body scrub blended with pure white sand from Bora Bora, sea salt, coconut shell and algo-monoi for a thorough body exfoliation.
• Bora Bora: The Mahana Massage inspired from the island of bora bora, is a rhythmic Lomi-Lomi massage that uses warm sand pouches to loosen muscles and nourish your skin.
• The last step in this journey is from the island of Raiatea which is known for it’s secret Polynesian oil extracts which is rhythmically being swept over your body; golden pearls in this secret oil leaves you a radiant.

To augment your spa experience, add a 30 minute luxurious bath rich with minerals. Spa by JW endeavors to offer guests the very best in spa rituals designed to sooth your body, mind and soul in the very heart of the city.

The Spa Experience:

The spa room was a luxuriously spacious, equipped with a main lounge area housing a Jacuzzi, a separate section with the spa bed and attached bath, and a secluded grooming room for refreshing with locker facilities to keep your belongings in. The treatment commenced with a fabulous sea salt foot scrub & rose petal foot bath, post which I was asked to take my place on the warm spa bed.





Key products used

*Mahana Oil

Composition: The Algo-Monoi Sargassum complex to relax and nourish (sargassum mangavrevense algae, oil of monoi), oil of sunflower, almond, sesame and apricot kernel to moisturize and protect your skin.

*Polynesian Oil

Composition: The Algo-Monsoi Sargassum complex enriched with subtle golden pearl to sublimely enhance your skin.

*Exotic Island Body Scrub

Composition: Coconut shell to exfoliate & soothe your skin. Algo-Monsoi Sargassum complex & vanilla tahitensis for relaxation. Plants oils of apricot, jojoba & almond to nourish and soften your skin.

I spent two of my most relaxed hours that day at Spa by JW. Jyothika, my masseur was well-trained and did a perfect job when it came to adjusting her pressure around different parts of my body. I could sense the subtle aromas of Mahana & Polynesian essential oils wafting in the air while my parched body, mind & soul were pampered with this signature massage therapy. A perfect antidote for my hectic schedule that saps my energy, mood and spirit; this treatment concluded with a relaxing scalp and foot massage.



{Did I forget to mention that the Jacuzzi made my heavenly experience that much better!}

I realized that my skin felt energized and firmer once I stepped out of my spa bed. I took a hot shower which helped in opening the pores so that my skin could soak in all the goodness. I then blow-dried my hair in the grooming room before I was led to the relaxation area where I was served a delectable herbal tea along with a wide variety of refreshments.

140q Microfiber Spa Robe



Who should indulge in these signature SPA treatments:

1. Brides who need a revitalizing treatment after a hectic wedding schedule or even to calm their nerves before a wedding.
2. Working professionals who are in need of a break to soothe their senses and rejuvenate the body.
3. Anyone who needs a getaway but does not have the luxury of time.

Spa by JW is Bangalore’s health & wellness destination, featuring a relaxing environment designed on over 15,000 sq ft, boasting 6 treatment rooms, a relaxation lounge, a foot lounge and huge spaces designed to restore a natural state of equilibrium. Guests can choose from Western, Asian and Ayurvedic treatments which are performed by an informed and well trained team of spa therapists.

Spa by JW offers an environment where you can chose exactly what you want, when you want, without any of the intimidation or hassle.

Spa By JW, Level H

1 hours 30 mins INR 7000++
2 hours INR 8000++


*Disclaimer: This review was done on an invitation from the spa. Due judgement and care has been applied by the author to remain objective and unbiased in the review.

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