Resolve to Undo Holiday Overindulgence

Resolve to Undo Holiday Overindulgence



Unhealthy Temptations to Dodge this Holiday Season

Never do we feel the need to enjoy as much as during the holiday season when time seems to be slipping away like sand, the year coming to an inevitable end; when we lose our days to holiday shopping and nights to endless partying.

Wrapped in several layers of love, warmth, happiness and celebrations, the holidays brings some harsh lessons of health and fitness that we usually learn in the new year immersed in guilt and resolutely planning to not repeat the same pattern the following year.

It is easy enough for us to say that we should live in the present moment, but reality almost always conspires against it.

On one hand, we tend to lose ourselves in the joyful celebrations of the season. And on the other, every time we wake up with a splitting headache, we realize that the demons of the holidays got the better of us.

And the fact is that the holiday season is the most engaging time of year; taking into consideration the weather, our choice of food and drink can be challenging for our body, and – in general – the season of giving can feel heavy.

As I continue making significant progress in leading a happy and healthy life, with my goal of healthy living clearer than ever before – I have decided to make this holiday season one to be proud of.

I have charted my path to healthy celebrations {arming myself with approaches to deal with the most tempting situations} and I am sharing it to encourage you to take the healthy route this season as well. Here we go!



Continue to Think “Healthy Foods” Throughout the Season

Situation Number One: Sugar

Sugar is no friend of ours.

Even before I read research and studies, I knew that too much sugar could impair our health. A sudden high in energy caused by a sugar rush is inescapably followed by plummeting energy levels.

Coffee shops and patisseries are counting on the holiday season for year-end profits by tempting you with an enticing display of the most visually appealing cookies, cakes and chocolates.

Can you avoid the sugar demon? It is easier than you think. Let me help.

Overcoming sugary temptations

I tread the middle road between sugar overload and sugar starvation and here’s how I do it:

I bring down my sugar consumption to one dose a day. For instance, if I have an event to attend in the evening, I avoid sugar for the better part of my day. If friends are coming over for lunch then I skip the sugary drinks and enjoy the dessert.

By being mindful about your sugar intake, you will help reduce sugar cravings/consumption and enjoy the season with fewer snags.







Keep it simple: Settle for a sip

Situation Number Two: Spirits

Centric to most celebrations, sharing a nice glass of wine {or whatever you choice of drink may be} over a meal with loved ones always puts us in high spirits.

Alcoholic drinks have a way of bringing people together during revelries. But raising too many toasts may not go well with your health conscious philosophy. With intoxicating liquor being present at almost all the parties I attend, I know exactly what it takes to politely refuse a drink.

It’s not just the irksome hangover after you’ve downed a few glasses of your favourite drink, but it’s also a real let-down in terms of sugar consumption and calorie overdose. You definitely don’t want your holidays to be interrupted with pesky headaches, moody behaviour and superfluous anxiety.

Overcoming alcoholic temptations

I usually pick a virgin mojito and drink it really slow to accompany friends and family when raising a toast. If you are at a party, people may encourage you to join them for a drink, but if you already have a glass in your hand, then there are fewer chances of getting roped in.

That said, I event may end up drinking a glass of wine or my favourite cocktail but I have learnt to limit my intake to just one.

If you have an inclination to turn one glass of drink into several more, then I suggest you sign up for an early morning workout session. This can act as a real motivator in limiting your alcohol intake to ensure that you can wake up in time for your workout.

Alternatively, choose to be the designated driver. Taking responsibility for your loved ones will ensure you skip the alcohol and still enjoy the celebration.








Get Active, Healthy, and Happy

Situation Number Three: Procrastination

The workout session you signed up for may often go neglected over the holiday season. Exercising takes a backseat just when you need it the most. With calories making a home in your system – physical activity is the last thing to ignore if health is a priority.

Dodging procrastination

Finding a gym buddy is the best way to keeping you accountable. Just ensure it’s a friend who will motivate rather than talk you out of going. I have found my gym buddy in my husband, Vikram, who takes physical health very seriously and makes doubly sure that I join him for a workout – so I know I can count on him.

With my alarm clock set to go off at 7:00 every morning to begin my day with a bout of exercise and a healthy smoothie before I go about my usual business, I have been able to beat the three demons of the holiday season more effectively than I expected.

And here’s an extra tip, to keep the healthy spirit of the season going: Walk! As much as you can and as often as you can. Take the stairs to the cafeteria upstairs at work. Walk down to the nearby store to buy fresh veggies and fruits. Walk to your friend’s place {not too far off from your own} where you are expected for dinner. Walk to that coffee shop across the street.

Even the smallest bit of conscious effort put towards leading a fit life counts!








What’s Your Take?

Feeling more settled in for a healthy holiday season now? I certainly hope so!

Let us fight these holiday temptations together, and give way to healthier and happier celebrations. I am full of energy and hope to celebrate the joys of the season with my fitness route. I hope I have been able to light up the spirit of healthfulness in you too!






Behind The Scenes






Do you already have your own ways of overcoming temptations during the holidays? I’d love to hear!

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