Q&A with Fashion Model Huzefa

Q&A with Fashion Model Huzefa


There’s nothing about talking to the fashion industry’s most in-demand male models about which I can complain. In the case of Huzefa, that conversation is so much more than just looking at a pretty face. Huzefa owns a fitness studio called “The Outfit”, not to mention he proved himself to be a rad conversationalist.

Q1. Huzefa, let’s start by asking how you started your modelling career.

H: Modelling was the by-product of Fitness. You start by having a great body that allows you to showcase clothes of any design or pattern. Once I had worked on my physique, I decided to participate in a model hunt, and things just took off from there.

Q2. Modelling does come with some requirements regarding physical appearance. What does your lifestyle look like to maintain a model’s physique?

H: You have to eat clean, workout regularly, maintain your skin, and sleep well enough for recovery! So it’s never been a task as fitness as a profession made it easy to maintain a lifestyle required for a model’s physique.

Q3. Can you describe your exercise routine of one regular day?

H: My workout for the day is split into two. A morning indoor session consisting of muscular strength functional exercises, followed by a quick conditioning workout; and my evening session is running based – sprint intervals or anything between 5-8km runs.

Q4. What advice would you give someone starting out as a model and walking during fashion week?

H: Drink lots of water! You have to have good skin. With all the protein that is going in to build those muscles, your skin tends to dry up. Water and coconut water are the key! And, the most important tip: love yourself – love your body. You have worked hard for it – it will give you a lot of confidence and that will show on the ramp.

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