Our Bangalore Weekly

Our Bangalore Weekly

A tête-à-tête with the mind behind Our Bangalore Weekly (OBW) – Reshav.

“Our Bangalore Weekly, stemmed as a conscious thought on what is the authenticity of Bangalore, what makes Bangalore tick? Has our monotonous charade of our respective professions taken a toll on the vicarious lives we all lead?” ~ Reshav



Our Bangalore Weekly gives you a flavor of the majestic city that is forever ingrained in the minds of the local residents and migrants of this city.

This 16 pager gives you a kaleidoscopic view of all the essence that makes this city what it really is. With a clear view of all the entertainment, current hoo-hah’s, a celebration of life and some food for the soul.




I would personally want all Bangaloreans to accept the customized tab in their hearts and take the initiative to help the city prosper and together launch on this mission to enlighten and empower the residents of this fabulous city.

Our Bangalore Weekly is my personal endeavour to enlighten and capture the true spirit of Bangaloreans.




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* I love bringing together a bunch of conflicting items and weaving my own sense of one-ness to them. *


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