OMG by Jo Jewellery

OMG by Jo Jewellery


This week I am pleased to bring you a Q&A session with Jyothsna Venkatesh, head of design at leading accessories brand OMG by Jo Jewellery. Read on and find out the story behind the design of this glamorous new range.

Q1. What first sparked your passion for designing fashion jewellery and accessories?

OMG: I have always been passionate about jewellery, and harbour a strong belief that absence of accessories, of which Jewellery is the most critical aspect, makes styling incomplete.

I also have often felt limited by the options available; I want to wear timeless and beautiful pieces, but had to really shop around to find what I wanted – so I decided to turn my passion into my profession.

Q2. The new jewellery range looks gorgeous! Can you tell us about the inspiration behind it?

OMG: With OMG it’s all about making the ordinary extraordinary. My focus this season was on using a touch of traditional Indian culture to my signature contemporary pieces. My aim was to achieve decadent pieces, but with a few more urban influences and injections of gold across the range; you can choose from a wide range of earrings, kadas and bracelets.

Q3. Is there one trend in particular that you think will really shine for jewellery this season?

OMG: Jewellery evokes an emotional connection to an object… It opens our eyes and our minds to striking details of life that can be used in creative ways. With the coming wedding season, it’s going to be Kundan necklaces & earrings, and stone cuffs.

Q4. Tell us the story behind one of the pieces you are wearing today.

OMG: I am wearing my favourite statement necklace today, paired with a flowing midnight gown. This necklace highlights and accentuates a simple garment, and can be worn with both a traditional as well as a western ensemble.

Q5. What can we expect to see next from OMG by Jo Jewellery?

OMG: I have recently started a new venture which focuses on the corporate woman, and I will soon unveil an exclusive range of light jewellery that can be paired with corporate attire.

Being beautifully designed and finished is what sets OMG by Jo Jewellery apart from the others. I have one goal in mind – to create stylish and affordable jewellery with fine attention to detail.


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