My Winter Skincare Routine To Prevent Dry Skin

My Winter Skincare Routine To Prevent Dry Skin


As Autumn gently leaves us and winter creeps in, the pleasant evening winds work a wonder on our mood and it is easy to forget how the cold winter winds can affect our skin. As the days grow shorter and the nights colder, switch your skincare routine to combat all those skincare challenges that come with the season.

Cold winds combined with indoor heating and a drop in air humidity can act as catalysts of skin problems like dehydration {read: fine lines} and sensitivity {read: itchiness and redness}. This is why I accommodate some easy changes in my beauty regime which ensures that winter doesn’t act as a deterrent for healthy and glowing skin. If you are still looking for a beauty routine suitable for the winter months, then follow my winter skincare routine to prevent dry skin to help your skin prepare for the chill that sneaks in with the season.


Switch up your cleanser

The weather serves as a beautiful backdrop against which we lead our lives, and just as changes are necessary in this backdrop, it is important for us to change our beauty habits to complement the change in the climate. With sweat and sebum being the primary concern of the sunny summer months, foaming cleansers work like a charm when the days are hot. But winters are dictated by dryness, so it is time for a creamier cleanser which does its job without breaching the protective barrier on your skin.




Double up on moisturizer

If you’ve been fighting the woes of an oily skin for the most part of the year, it is time to sit back and enjoy the goodness of oily skin in winters. All you need is a drop size portion of fresh moisturizing gel while the rest of us slather creamy lotions all over our body. Dry skin can get a lot of help from creams which have barrier-repairing ceramides and fatty acids, as these promote water retention. To enjoy the plumpness of hydrated skin, add a layer of a quenching serum {my skin loves hyaluronic acid} before you apply your day cream.

Try an oil

Facial oils are another trick that save me from dry and itchy skin. When the mercury falls, I end up mixing a few drops of the oil with my day cream {you can mix it with your cleanser, night cream or apply it as is on warm, freshly-cleansed skin). The oil restores balance to your skin and helps in containing the moisture within. In simple words, your skin becomes petal-soft!




Get into exfolation

A common winter problem is dull skin coupled with uneven pigmentation. This calls for an exfoliator which can gently remove the layer of dead cells from your skin giving you a fresh and glowing look. There are a number of products that can help you with gentle yet effective exfoliation; gritty scrubs, textured cloth, creamy enzyme masks and liquid peels being the most common ones. The best time of the day to indulge in exfoliation is during the night because your skin will not be exposed to UV rays after the exfoliation. A layer of serum or moisturizer will help protect your exfoliated skin.

Pile on the extras

Another addition to your beauty regimen is moisturizing your entire body. While the face gets all the attention, the rest of your body, under layers of wool is craving a moisturizing boost as well. A rich body lotion is a must to keep flakiness at bay. A protective lip balm is another necessity given the fact that our lips have to face the winter months without any oil glands of their own. Be generous with the softening creams you use on your hands and feet and winter will be kind to your skin.




Replace hot water with cold

Did I just say that! Apparently, too much hot water can dry out your skin further while cold water keeps the moisture intact. I personally can’t tolerate cold showers, so I use luke warm water and wash my face with cold water. You can either turn off the hot water for the last bit of your shower or you can do as I do.

Infuse your water

Hydration never takes a backseat no matter what time of the year it is. But winters happen to make hot coffee more luring than a sip of plain water. To get more water in my system than caffeine, I have been infusing my water with some delicious fruits and herbs. I kill two birds with one stone with this because the water helps me stay hydrated while the fruit or herb nourishes my body and skin.




Do you have any winter skincare tips you swear by? I’d love to hear them!

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