Meet Bunty Rana

Meet Bunty Rana

When you meet Bunty Rana, your first thought isn’t necessarily, “Gorgeous, runway model”. It’s more, “down-to-earth, kid next door, who happens to have the most beautiful eyes I’ve seen in a long time”. True on both accounts! Bunty has been catching eyes and capturing hearts as a model and has garnered so much attention, that I just knew I had to get to know this charming hunk a little bit better!

52bQ1. Alright, Bunty – describe the average day in the life of a male model for us.

BR: On my average day, I wake up at 9am. Check my e-mails from my agency, shower, eat, pack my bag, and head out the door to my appointments!

I tend to workout in the evenings, get home after the gym, and then settle myself in with a good TV show.

Q2. What is your regular exercise regimen and what areas do you primarily focus on?

BR: I generally try to work out five to six days a week, along with any other small workouts that I do at home during my spare time. On most days I do a full body workout, and other days I target specific muscles. I like to focus the most on my core muscles, and ensure that I incorporate it into my workouts every time I exercise.

For e.g.
Monday – Legs and calf
Tuesday – Chest and abs
Wednesday – Biceps/triceps and abs
Thursday – Legs and calf
Friday – Shoulder and back abs
Saturday – Biceps/triceps and abs

Q3. Tell us about your diet. What is the balance you like to strike daily?

BR: A daily intake of balanced protein is a must do, such as chicken and other meats. I am a really big water drinker so I try to always have my fluids along with my proteins, a minimum of eight glasses of water daily.

A typical day:
*Breakfast – 10 egg whites + 5 oranges + butter fruit juice + watermelon juice + oats.
*Lunch – 6 whole wheat chapatis with veggies + 6 egg whites + 200 grams chicken + salad.
*Dinner – whole wheat chapatis with veggies + 6 eggs + 200 grams chicken.

*Before I head to the gym I consume 3 bananas + apple juice, and post my gym routine I drink 2 glasses of carrot juice.

Q4. What is one thing that has surprised you about modelling that most people are not aware of?

BR: How much fun it can be. I always make sure that I talk to the people on set; other models, the photographers, and make-up crew or sometimes the editors from various magazines. I try to make modelling a fun experience, which makes the entire process much easier and enjoyable.

Q5. What do you think is the number one thing keeping you motivated?

BR: Proving my self that I can accomplish ANYTHING I want!


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