Make Raksha Bandhan Special This Year – With Fabelle Chocolates‎

Make Raksha Bandhan Special This Year – With Fabelle Chocolates‎

Gift Your Loved One a Customised Box of Fabelle Elements matching Their Personality



Would you be able to envision an existence without celebrations? It’s difficult to overstate their significance in our lives and the life of a community. The spirit of Indian festivals comes from the relationships that we share with our loved ones, and festivals are often the reason for bringing the family together to celebrate happy times, and make new friends while celebrating the very spirit of mankind.

The upcoming festival of Raksha Bandhan, on 7th August to be precise, is one such occasion where a brother and sister celebrate the special bond that they share. It is a festival where sisters pray for the success and safety of their brothers, and brothers in return take a vow to protect their sisters all through their lives. However, one should not overlook that it was India’s first Nobel laureate, Rabindranath Tagore, who introduced this festival as a celebration of solidarity, harmony and kinship. So for me, Raksha Bandhan has always been more of a Desi Friendship Day to commemorate the sense of belonging, and connect that we all feel with each other during festivals.

During Rakhi, as a part of tradition, a brother presents his sister varied delightful gifts. Gifts assume a conspicuous role and symbolize tokens of adoration and love. Flowers, cakes, Indian methai, and chocolates are some of the more popular gifts. Of course a personalized gift is the most special one. Here’s where Fabelle’s personalised gifting range – “My Fabelle Box” conceptualised only for the occasion of Raksha Bandhan gets my attention!





Eating the Elements at Fabelle

Fabelle’s Luxury Chocolate Boutiques in Bangalore offer a delicious treat for chocolate lovers with its luxury range of handcrafted signature pralines called, ‘Elements’. Fabelle’s exclusive Raksha Bandhan offering provides you with an opportunity to create a personalised box of chocolates by choosing a praline from the #FabelleElements range – an assortment of 5 intricately crafted pralines that assimilate the five elements of nature; Earth, Air, Water, Wood, and Fire, into the chocolate. Here hard chocolate shells are filled with a variety of flavours where each element is represented in the filling inside – each as distinct from the other as the natural elements are. You can choose a praline which best suites the personality of your sister like Earth for the dependable one, Water for the cool one, Fire for the feisty one and so on. I’ve tasted plenty of luxury chocolates from across the world so believe me when I say that these rank right at the top.

Additionally, you can give a heartfelt message to your siblings via a dedicated website, the description to which you can choose as well.


Earth – A dark chocolate pod with an earthy texture filled with a delicious dark mousse





Air – As light and delicate as air, the delectable covering of this dark chocolate is filled with aerated mousse




Water – With an exterior of rich dark chocolate, this element is filled with dark choco-mousse and exotic Acacia nectar, laced with French sea salt




Wood – Brings together chocolate, coffee, cinnamon and mousse to create a masterpiece of delicious sensations




Fire – Containing a flavoursome filling of white mousse infused with Mexican Ancho chilli and candied mango enveloped in a rich dark chocolate shell, this element creates a heavenly fusion of sweet & spicy flavours.






End note: Fabelle, the Indian Luxury chocolate brand By ITC, takes the concept of edible gifting {read – handcrafted gourmet chocolates} seriously. Created using exceptional ingredients including the finest cocoa, from some of the most prominent cocoa producing areas of the world, Fabelle offers a mesmerizing immersive and engaging chocolate experience, and is just what every chocolate lover needs. Leaving no stone unturned in ensuring that Raksha Bandhan is made truly memorable; Fabelle has created a special website for creating and placing customised orders. Fabelle customized Rakhi gift boxes are available here, and with a plethora of enticing flavours to choose from, it’s definitely the gift box of the hour. So go ahead, and get your box!





* Please note that you may choose your orders till 3rd August and the  customised “My Fabelle Box” will  be  delivered at a pre-chosen date between 4th to 8th August to your loved one who will also receive a message and mail on the day of Raksha Bandhan, with the customised website message created by you.

Happy Raksha Bandhan!


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Fabelle at The Chocolate Boutique, ITC Gardenia, #1 Residency Road, Bengaluru;
080 66825270

Fabelle at The Chocolate Boutique, ITC Windsor, 25, Golf Course Road, ISRO
Colony, Sankey Road, Bengaluru; 080 61401111


* Disclaimer: This review was done on an invitation from Fabelle, and is a narrative of the author’s experience at the event. Due judgement and care has been applied by the author to remain objective and unbiased in the review.

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