Luncheon for a cause 🎀

Luncheon for a cause 🎀

Eleven brave-hearts who survived Cancer were felicitated for their victory over a disease which is considered to be incurable, despite facing hardships, at a special Women’s Day Luncheon for a cause organized by the Sahaya Hastha Trust, on Tuesday, March 10.



The Sahaya Hastha Trust, a Bangalore-based non-profit charitable trust registered in the year 2014, is a transparent and vibrant trust that has been committed to the cause of the underprivileged. The Trust’s founder, Roopamouli Mysore, a champion for the education and empowerment of the underprivileged slum dwellers in our city, said that this year the trust’s focus has been Comprehensive care for Cancer.

“We have thus far successfully conducted Cancer screening camps in Jakkasandra and Aralumallige Village,” said Roopamouli Mysore. “Although Cancer specialists are available in metropolitan cities, they have been unable to reach out to the rural populace in time. But with increased awareness, cases of early detection of the disease has improved, as has the survival rate of patients.” She continued, “It is important for these patients to be shown through examples the possibility for cancer patients to have an absolutely disease-free survival and quality of life, and the women facilitated today have been instrumental in assisting at these camps to bring about such awareness in the ‘Fight against Cancer’.”


As part of the “Go Green Stay Clean” campaign initiated by the Sahaya Hastha Trust, the luncheon for a cause also saw a composting demonstration by Vani Murthy, ambassador for the Swachagraha ecocampaign, geared towards creating awareness for cleaner and greener surroundings.


The Sahaya Hastha Trust is a relentless force that strides to the fore with a distinct vision; a vision to serve the poor and preserve humanity.



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