Looking for a gift to give this wedding season?

Looking for a gift to give this wedding season?


Take a moment to think about all the gifts that you have received over the years? What gifts make you feel like they have become part of your family, and bring a smile to your face every time you see them or use them? If you are looking for a gift to give during this wedding season, here are some off-beat ideas.

Art: A striking painting or illustration doesn’t have to be expensive and will be cherished by your friends forever.

Photo Frame: Display mementos from their big day in a customized frame. Place a photo of the bride and groom alongside an invitation or ceremony program; it will always have novelty value.

Heirloom Recipe Book: A gift for the food lovers; an attractive custom made recipe album featuring recipes from various members of the family passed on from generations. This will make for a personalized gift, and will have emotional value.

Bed Linen: Practical and beautiful. Organic bed sheets will be used nearly every day, will last the couple their life time, and will be witness to some of the most eventful moments of their lives! This gift can also be personalized by having a hand-woven embroidery expert customize a special message for the couple on it.

Class Act: Spoil the bride and groom with an enjoyable class they can take part in together. Sign them up for a cooking class at a culinary school. If that isn’t what they enjoy, let them try a hobby they’ve always wanted to learn, like salsa dancing or even a mixology class.

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