Lifestyle Bloggers in India

Lifestyle Bloggers in India



I still remember the days when I fondly read lifestyle magazines from cover to cover; following trends on fashion, accessories and interior design.  I’d carry those magazine clippings to my seamstress and have her tailor those trendy designs. Unfortunately for moi, those projects would almost always end disastrously!  Well don’t judge me now, we have all been there and done that {nostalgia!}. But the “magazine” days are long gone. Floppy disks are history to the millennials. In the present day and age, we follow Lifestyle Bloggers, who provide us with all the inspiration we need – conveniently and free of cost at our fingertips.

Most lifestyle bloggers are non-professionals who write to showcase their talent and share their ideas. These bloggers have opened up a whole new dimension, as well as a whole new demographic to the lifestyle world. Blogging is a large platform that caters to people from all walks of life; people with different tastes, from elegant to quirky, classy to bold, diva to hippy, chic to simple and size zero to curvy. And being ethnic and diverse has allowed Indian lifestyle bloggers to reach the top position in the blogging fraternity. Also, lifestyle blogging gives a sense of community since you get the opportunity to interact with the bloggers themselves. And, social media and mobile apps have made their blogs more accessible, allowing us to follow our favorite blogs at any time.

Lifestyle bloggers have additionally made our shopping experience so much better. Whenever bloggers post an image, they tend to add the place of purchase – be it personal shopping or for a home décor product. That means that we don’t have to look for similar clothes; instead we can just walk into said store or order online and purchase the same look / product. Moreover when you are looking for a particular style, you can look for bloggers wearing clothes in a similar style which will help you gauge how well the dress will work for you {rather than wasting your money purchasing a piece of clothing that isn’t to your satisfaction}.

One such lifestyle blog is ‘Urban Diaries’ that is well-established and showcases impeccable taste. The blogger is Tanya Dhar – a beautiful and elegant socialite from Bangalore. She is active on numerous social media platforms, and her list of subscribers has grown substantially in the last year.



These following qualities contribute towards making a lifestyle blog a hit:

  1. Indian lifestyle bloggers always post original ideas, making them trend setters.
  2. They make it a point to post regularly on their blogs.
  3. Lifestyle bloggers are proficient in Social Media Marketing, and also post regularly on their social media channels.
  4. They provide a sneak peek of their upcoming posts on Social Media; in a way to tempt followers to read their blogs.
  5. They have the passion to write.
  6. They post on both western and ethnic looks.
  7. Their blog designs are always expensive looking.
  8. And lastly, they use images of great quality.

So if you too wish to infuse a daily dose of style into the lives of others, then follow these top tips without fail.

Written by: Pooja Sharma

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