Lifestyle Blogger Toolkit

Lifestyle Blogger Toolkit

Lifestyle blogging is a niche that is quickly gaining traction in the realms of blogging. Yet, I have come across a lot of people who are not quite sure what this entails. It does not surprise me because lifestyle blogging can include any number of topics. But the one thing that I must clarify before we proceed further into this discussion is the fact that lifestyle blogging is not personal blogging. Lifestyle bloggers may end up including personal experiences but lifestyle blogging is more about sharing your unique blend of interests with the world and that is not the same as sharing your personal stories. I hope today’s post will help you to shape your lifestyle blog’s focus, so that you can create content more easily, and feel more confident in owning your lifestyle niche.




Lifestyle blogging as a platform for influencers offers a broad niche and is somewhat similar to what printed magazines have to offer. They offer content inspired and curated from a person’s personal interests and daily activities; for e.g. fashion, home decor, beauty, wellbeing, travel, food, and a whole lot more. Your lifestyle blog will experience different chapters, as you do personally.

If you are planning to join the lifestyle blogging bandwagon then here are a few tools that will prove useful in your journey from the first post to becoming popular through your blog.


  1. Creating a Catchy Name

Begin by creating an interesting name for your blog. It should match your personality and reflect the character of your blog. When you first begin looking, you will end up realizing that many of the names that interest you have already been taken, so you will need to get really creative.


  1. Developing a Unique Voice for Your Blog

Once your audience begins reading your blog, they will soon find a pattern and they will recognize your work from then onwards. This is how you tell your audience about your voice through the blog. Use it to give your blog a personality and as much as it is good to stay innovative, don’t lose the true essence of your voice in all your efforts towards getting creative. Your readers will appreciate this effort.


  1. Finding a Niche

Lifestyle blogging will allow you to write about a lot of things. In this way, I find lifestyle blogging to be extremely generous. You can write about personal style, beauty & skincare, entertaining at home, sports you love, cooking techniques, affordable travel & adventure and still be a lifestyle blogger. But no matter how many categories you choose to write in, you must have at least one niche that targets the majority of your audience.


  1. Photography Essentials

Good visuals are always appreciated, so invest in a good camera. If you are starting on a budget then use good editing apps and click pictures using your mobile phone. But remember to transition to a nice DSLR after a certain point of time as high quality images will help you draw more readers.




  1. A Creative Space

Most bloggers are very creative. I will not say that creativity is a necessity but it will certainly help when starting out with your blog. As a lifestyle blogger, you will be sharing creative ideas with your readers so find a work-space which helps you explore your creative side.


  1. Joining a Blogging Community

As connecting with other bloggers will open your mind and help you experience blogging at a new level, join a good blogging community where you can get to know other bloggers.


  1. Blogging Apps

There are numerous blogging apps and tools that can help you improve user experience, and provide quality content to your readers.


  1. A Trusty Notebook and a Pen

Laptops, tabs and phones are good but nothing can be better than a good old notebook and pen to jot down ideas as and when they come to your mind.




End note: Use this lifestyle blogging toolkit to begin your journey as a lifestyle blogger and let your everyday experiences educate you as you continue to interest your readers. Whilst I truly hope that you have enjoyed this post, I will continue to share the lifestyle elements I enjoy, so as to most authentically be the ‘lifestyle blogger’ I want to be. 🙂


What interests you right now, both as an individual, and perhaps as a blogger? What does your ‘blend’ look like? I’d love to hear from you!

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