Lakshmi Seshadri, Mrs. India Universe 2016

Lakshmi Seshadri, Mrs. India Universe 2016

A tête-à-tête with Lakshmi Seshadri, ‘Mrs India Universe 2016’, wife to a Doctor cum entrepreneur, mother of two boys, and director of an educational company which she operates with her husband.


This 6ft tall statuesque beauty has also walked the ramp for top Indian designers before she settled down to marital bliss. She is presently involved with Pratham Foundation that promotes education for underprivileged children, and Parihar, an NGO working to prevent, reduce and eliminate domestic violence and child abuse.

Me: First off Lakshmi, you’re obviously a busy Mom with two boys. How do you manage to juggle this while keeping yourself in such good shape? What are your tips for squeezing exercise into a busy schedule?

Lakshmi: I burn most of my calories keeping up with my two over-energetic boys! Going to the gym with our boys is part of our usual routine, thanks to a kids club inside the gym; my husband and I get to work out together while the kids get to play. If not this, our evenings are spent going to the park with our boys, taking a stroll or dipping in our pool.

My advice to busy parents is to get children involved with their daily work out. Go cycling with them, chase them around, dance with them; it’s a great way to bond with your children while burning a few extra calories.


Me: What advise can you give mothers when it comes to balancing time for family, career, friends and personal aspirations?

Lakshmi: Routine, routine, routine… really! We have got to make time. Especially for us mothers, there is so much going on in a day that we can’t afford to ignore anything. Set a strict routine and stick to it. When everything has a dedicated time, the flow of your day will be a lot more productive. Have weekly date nights with your spouse, a day for your girlfriends, and of course “me time” which is equally important.


Me: Let’s talk food. What are your top tips for keeping up a healthy and nutritious diet?

Lakshmi: I find that a low carbohydrate and high protein diet definitely works great if you are trying to lose weight. I love having smoothies in the morning with locally sourced fruits, and omelettes are quite a staple at our household. Make a habit of having small frequent meals to avoid sugar cravings and to eat for your body vs. taste. You may find it hard in the beginning but it will be worth-your-while later.

Me: What are some healthy foods/snacks you recommend for people who don’t have a lot of time to cook?

Lakshmi: Load up your fridge with cucumber & carrots, seasonal fruits and boiled eggs. You know it’s easier to reach for junk when you are tired and hungry, so I keep these ready in ziplock or grab a handful of almonds when I am running around. Energy bars and protein bars are great alternatives as well. My pantry is always loaded with healthy bars to grab and go. It’s also best to pre-plan and pre-pack your meals.


Me: You have two children with your partner. Can you talk about raising children and how you discuss body image, both for girls and boys? How do you promote healthy living to kids?

Lakshmi: Kids grow up so fast. And as parents it’s easy to fall into a trap of getting too busy raising your children and not slowing down to enjoy these little people. Bedtime stories have been such an integral part of our routine since my boys were babies. It’s the time where I get to teach them via stories as well as hear them out about countless things they may like to share.

Body image is something we as parents have to train our kids from an early age on. Firstly about eating right, getting out of the house to play and get dirty. I find that technology is really messing up our children. Secondly, teaching children from an early age that people come in different shapes, sizes & colour, and that everybody is beautiful in their own unique way. This way they grow up to be confident and respectful adults.

Me: With your wealth of experience at fashion shows and competing, do you have any advice for any aspiring models that you can share?

Lakshmi: Modelling is a very short lived career. Don’t let it get you carried away. Yes, it is a fantastic platform for you to learn confidence, grooming, and quite a bit of life skills. Take the best out of it and know when to make your move out.


Mrs India Universe 2016 – Lakshmi Seshadri will be representing India at the Mrs Universe 2016 pageant in China this Sep 6th. Urban Diaries wishes her the very best!

Note: Mrs. Universe 2016 is a contest which provides an opportunity to married women to voice out their opinion on a global level. The contest will be held in China from August 29th- September 6th. During this time contestants will be involved in different initiatives and will campaign against domestic/child abuse at women forums.

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