Kareen Kapoor in Grassroot by Anita Dongre SS16

Kareen Kapoor in Grassroot by Anita Dongre SS16


Intricate embroidery and elegant tie-and-dye in khadi, muslin & hand-spun cotton. Layers of material encased in fine muslin is pressed, folded & masterfully sewed to tell its hand-crafted stories in flowing patterns. Nature-inspired themes crafted by block-printing which utilizes the raw excellence of hand-carved wooden blocks on a canvas of summer creations.

“I was brought face-to-face with amazingly talented artisans while travelling to conduct research on interesting textiles in the rural regions of India. They were all so skilled, yet they did not have sufficient work to sustain themselves & their families. They required design mediation in order to sustain the craft, and a marketplace. I comprehend design and I utilized my knowledge to make their craft contemporary. And Grassroot was conceived, to be the marketplace,” says Anita Dongre.








Sway in style like Kareena Kapoor who dazzles in a white tunic and georgette palazzo from AND’s Linen Romances collection matched with an Indigo jacket from their Ikat Sonnets Collection.


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