ITC Gardenia Presents Nippon Art on a Platter

ITC Gardenia Presents Nippon Art on a Platter


The award winning Japanese Restaurant & Bar ‘Edo’ at the ITC Gardenia, with its bamboo garden and waterfall, high ceilings and floor to ceiling Sake cellar, seeks inspiration from Japan’s vibrant after-hours culture when literary, artistic and musical gatherings over food & drink flourished, through its “Nippon Art on a Platter – Contemporary Culinary Contemplations from Japan” promotion.


Bringing alive a celebration of this very spirit, Chef Kamlesh Joshi’s special menu mesmerizes with contemplated and contemporary signature Japanese renditions which infuse traditional Japanese elements with a distinctive contemporary approach, presented in progressive and modern ways while keeping alive the integrity of the cuisine and its traditions. Right from the appetizers to delicious desserts, experience true Japan in spirit and essence whilst dining in the heart of Bengaluru!

Food at Edo which showcases the Izakaya style of dining is nothing short of intense. The ingredients speak for themselves, many of which are flown in directly from Japan and consist of delicacies whose unifying theme could be considered ‘regional fusion’. The result is food with presentational twists on a more traditional Japanese fare, that deftly matches the exuberance in Edo’s ambiance.

Chef Kamlesh Joshi

108q Chef-Kamlesh-Chandra-Joshi

“Working in Edo, I have been able to experiment with various styles of Japanese Cuisine which have evolved over time, and range from the entire spectrum between traditional & contemporary,” says Joshi. The Menu constitutes a 6 course Progressive Meal along with choices for the vegetarian palate, which commences with a blast of Shochu Bomb paired with Yuzu & Mint spheres spiked with fresh Wasabi, followed by Sea Urchin & Monkfish Liver Edo style and Grilled grass-fed New Zealand Lamb with edible Charcoal to Chilean Sea Bass, Koshikari rice with percolated essence of Katsuobushi and Kombu, and culminates with the delectable dessert – The Rain Drop – a jaggery & yuzu ganache served with chocolate soil.


One of the many popular ways of drinking alcohol in Japan is dropping a drink in another.
The Shochu Bomb: Beer in glass and a shot of Shochu {a traditional Japanese spirit distilled from one of several different types of materials, including but not limited to rice, buckwheat, barley, yam, sweet potatoes or soba and shiso}. Alcohol percentage- 25-35 %

Shochu Bomb


Yuzu & Mint Spheres Spiked with Fresh Wasabi


Yuzu {traditional Japanese lemon} & Mint spheres spiked with fresh Wasabi and a touch of Junmai Dai Ginjo {premium Japanese sake}. The aperitif is gently rolled on your tongue until the sphere pops releasing the splendid sake. A refreshing Amuse Bouche.




Sea Urchin & Monkfish Liver Edo Style



Shell fish with Renkon premium {dehydrated lotus stem} and Tobiko {flying fish roe}, micro greens and Mont fish {Ankimo} liver with shavings of Tororo Kombu {sea weed softened with vinegar}, with Sushi crispy rice and a modern fatty Tuna sushi. A true work of art both in presentation and taste.


Grilled grass-fed New Zealand Lamb with edible Charcoal




Sansho marinated medium rare grass fed New Zealand lamb, served with smoked bell pepper sauce on a nest of crispy yam, with garlic sauce spheres {that were gently tapped open to release the delicious sauce onto the lamb} and edible charcoal {yam caked with squid ink}. Chef Joshi’s unique flavourful creation truly deserves applause.


Japanese Plum and Sochu Sorbet



The combination of plums and Sochu gives this sorbet a stunning fuchsia colour and a deep, fruit-filled flavour. Think of it as fruity mulled Sochu that’s been frozen into a refreshing dessert. Quit the palate cleanser.


Chilean Sea Bass with Koshikari Rice and percolated essence of Katsuobashi and Kombu





Slow cooked Chilean Sea Bass with fujiko & edamame infused Koshikari rice with Dashi {a salty & savory broth} made up of root vegetables, Kombu seaweed and Katsubushi {Bonito flakes}. The exquisite Dashi created from miso stock percolated through a labyrinth of herbs & vegetables, is poured onto rice and sea bass resulting in a myriad of exotic flavours. Definitely my most favourite dish of the evening!


The Rain Drop infused with Jaggery and Yuzu Ganache served over a bed of Dark Chocolate Soil


A rain drop cake holding its own with the help of a sea weed extract with a gentle citrus Yuzu ganache, surrounded with a sprinkling of jaggery and 64% Madagascar chocolate soil. Exquisite!

Edo boasts of culinary excellence & indulgences with the promise of an engaging epicurean sojourn culminating in a grand finale of desserts inspired by wondrous ingredients juxtaposed in decadent styles perfected to satisfaction of an evening well spent.

“Nippon Art on a Platter” will be held until 19 June, 2016 – EDO at ITC Gardenia. Dinner only at Rs.3500/- plus taxes per person. For Reservations call – 080 4345 5000 or email at


*Disclaimer: This review was done on an invitation from the restaurant. Due judgement and care has been applied by the author to remain objective and unbiased in the review.

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