Incorporate Influencer Interviews into Your Blogging Strategy

Incorporate Influencer Interviews into Your Blogging Strategy


A blog is one layer in a broad spectrum of inbound marketing techniques used to build momentum for a brand or business. When I created my first few blog posts, I was just getting a grip on marketing trends; hence my early posts did not garner the exposure I had hoped for. I know many of you {bloggers} may have experienced a similar level of frustration when you were starting out. Trying to keep up takes a lot of effort, but once you gain momentum, there’s no holding back.

Now let’s discuss how you can gain momentum:

It involves new and upbeat ways of attracting visitors to your blog. And, one of the most effective ways to generate the interest of your readers is to conduct episodic interviews with influencers in your specific industry. The reason why this method is becoming increasingly popular is because it is known to generate a lot of curiosity. Offering compelling information to your readers through these interviews, stimulates the appeal of your blog to your current followers; it could also expand your audience in ways that you never dreamed were possible, thereby allowing your blog to grow exponentially.

The following tips should help you gain a clear sense of how to leverage your blog with influencer interviewers that will keep your readers coming back for more.

1. Identifying the Right Influencers to Network

Now that you have a clue as to how much potential an influencer interview may offer in terms of helping you boost your blog’s growth, you will need to identify which influencers will be of the most value to your blog and your brand.

Depending on your industry, you can have influencers from different backgrounds. Examples of influencers may include professionals, who have experienced immense success in your industry; business owners who might exert a significant influence on the perspectives of your readers; as well as authors who have written on topics that may interest your readers. Look for someone who has a large appeal on social media, and whose interview will be compelling enough for an audience to read your post. A person who may alter opinions formed and decisions made by your readership could serve as a feasible choice for an influencer interview.

Remember, an interview is a great way to network with influencers and build readers’ trust.

2. Reaching Out to the Influencer

If you happen to be personally acquainted with the influencer, then half your job is done. But if you need to reach out to the influencer for an interview, then you will need to be able to successfully introduce yourself to them. It is imperative that you cultivate an authentic connection with your influencer, and then establish a sense of mutual trust before extending an invitation to participate in an interview for your blog.

LinkedIn is a great place for connecting with influencers, where you can make yourself visible to the influencer by interacting on their posts. Once you have put forth your offer, lay on the table something lucrative enough for them to agree to the interview, for e.g. freebies to sweeten the deal.

3. Engaging the Influencer and Your Audience

Once you have secured a Q & A session with the influencer of your choice, the next stage involves constructing the framework for the interview.

Would you read an interview that sounds too scripted? You will hence need to ask questions that engage the influencer and compel your audience to keep reading. Talk about things that are likely to generate interest; their views on success, their work mantra, etc.

Combine the types of questions you ask. Close-ended questions could be answered in just one word, while the open-ended questions would involve a deeper conversation. A mix of the two will keep your influencer engaged and your audience invested in their responses.

4. Integration of Call to Action and Social Media

A great interview will attract a large audience to your blog. The key however, is to convert these new readers into permanent visitors by using strategies that will convince them to return to your blog time and again.

One of the most effectual ways to do this is to include ‘call to action’ on the interview page, which will encourage the readers to sign up to a newsletter or follow your social media accounts. In addition to this, you may also want readers to share your blog post on their social media platforms. Ensure the buttons for sharing are easily identifiable on you page, and capture attention before the readers get lost in the content.

5. Measure the Results

Once the interview is over, measure the results on your blog. If a particular influencer has been able to drastically boost your blog’s viewership, remember to thank him/her for improving your blog’s visibility. A thank you email will help you continue the relationship that you have established with them through the interview. And, now that you have a personal connect with them; it will be easier for you to invite them to return for another interview.

End note: Providing your audience with new and interesting information via a compelling influencer interview is one of the most effective means of improving blog traction. In the bargain you also end up creating and strengthening invaluable connections.

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