How to Throw the Perfect Garden Party

How to Throw the Perfect Garden Party


My garden is swelling with buds, some have even transformed into beautiful flowers. I am looking at a butterfly right now, its bright blue wings fluttering from one flower to another… it seems to be enjoying the warm morning sun. This vision is too beautiful for me to concentrate on my work, so I allow myself the luxury of taking a break and letting the colours of my garden, the vivacity of the butterfly and the infectious energy of the morning air guide my thoughts.

Do you know where my imaginations finally come to a halt… sunny days convincing me that it’s the perfect time to start planning some garden parties. 🙂 I think of friends and family coming together under the sporadic shade of trees swaying in the gentle spring breeze. I imagine conversations over the unremitting chirp of songbirds while we sip on our favourite wine. I picture myself sharing the table with the people I love… I always find this kind of entertaining wonderfully relaxing.

The very thought of organizing a party inherently creates a surge of adrenaline in me and creative juices begin to fill my mind. For instance, the tableware can assimilate the colours of spring while a generous use of vividly coloured buntings can reach out to the child within each one of us! Today I have some interesting tips for hosting the perfect tropical garden party that I’d love to share with you. Use these steps as a guideline to hosting the most amazing soirée ever!





Blaze of Colour: Transform Your Space into a Tropical Paradise

Twinning with the Season: With foliage shining brighter than emeralds and flowers glowing like jewels in the warm spring weather, spring itself is an inspiration when it comes to designing your party space. And since garden parties allow for greater space, your guests will be able to roam around or relax under the shade of the trees depending on the mood of your party.

Nature is already on your side helping you add colours and beauty to the assigned space. So the best thing to do is to embrace this natural theme and play along with spring’s quirks in your own fashion. Let a refreshing shade of green dominate the theme of your decorations and use hues of bright red, orange, yellow, blue and violet to depict flowers of the season. For that tropical look, you’d also want to have many shades of the ocean peep out from your Garden of Eden.





Impressive Invitations

A lot of us usually settle for digital invitations which can be interactive and are far easier to send, but paper invitations ignite intrigue and this is why I am nostalgically in love with this traditional manner of sending an invitation.

You will have to be creative so that your guests instantly look forward to the party. It is best to let your guests in on your theme by choosing an invitation card design which represents a tropical design. I am thinking of old postcard style beach scenes, or pictures of refreshing tropical drinks, which will make your guests think of warm beaches and exotic plants. You can also experiment with fonts which build a fun tone. And remember to use vivid colours that remind your guests of spring in the tropics. Don’t forget to remind them on the invitation to wear their favourite tropical outfit, as well!





Designing Your Table

Flower decoration: Beautiful table settings are the focus of any garden party and flowers can make any place more welcoming and attractive. But remember to find a balance between the natural beauty of your garden that would already have gorgeous blooms and the loveliness of flowers on your table. Beautiful vases with a few seasonal blooms can look pretty, but I would advise you to get creative and perhaps use pineapple shells for a vase ~ placing a bunch of fresh, fragrant blossoms in each pineapple shell before you place it on each table.

Decorative accent: You can bring out that beautiful crystal bowl you’ve been saving for the right occasion. I think a few decorative bird cages can also serve as a stunning accent for the main table. The centre piece usually garners attention, and in many parties it ends up becoming a topic of discussion adding camaraderie to the atmosphere.

Lighting: Natural light is of course the best element of any outdoor party, but outdoor celebrations can be so much fun that you may not realize how quickly the sun reaches the horizon. So prepare to light up your garden when the sun’s light begins to weaken. I have an affinity for candle light but if you expect the evening to be windy then using paper lanterns is more justifiable, and will lend a rather cosy atmosphere that will make your guests feel more comfortable.

Optional seating: I personally love the thought of simply sitting on the grass, soaking in the sun and chatting with friends ~ sounds like quite the therapy for city dwellers, eh?! So set up a few pillows and poufs and let your favourite oriental rug get some sun too!





Music That Matches Everyone’s Energy

Along with the beautiful flowers, and lights setting the right atmosphere ~ music also has the ability to act a mood enhancer. It plays a big role in how people feel at a party. Loud and lively music can be very uplifting, but outdoor lunches are best complemented with soothing tunes playing softly in the background to transport your guests to some island far, far away. And as the afternoon sunlight disappears under the canopy of willows, you may want to choose a dance playlist that sets their feet tapping!





Menu Selection to Appease Your Guests

Remember that the whole magic of the moment is to greet your guests with an exotic feast! Go with the theme and let tropical ingredients rule the table. Since garden parties make movement a lot easier, you would want to focus on bite-sized appetizers which your guests can enjoy while they walk around joining different conversations.

Keep the drinks colourful, the food light and delicious, and include quirky elements like edible flowers and fresh coconut water. Appetizers like honey-glazed chicken, pineapple glazed shrimps, and mango cucumber guacamole will greatly contribute to the success of your tropical island style party.





Party Favours: Because it Really is the Thought That Counts

Your guests were thoughtful enough to have taken time out for your garden party, so let them know you appreciate it by leaving a small gift next to each of their plates. Parties are the best means of getting together and spending quality time with people you really adore, and in all likelyhood your guest list will include friends and family members who are very special to you. Honour them with a small token of your love in the form of a party favour. It could be an exotic tropical flower, a handwritten note or handmade jewellery. It doesn’t have to be big or expensive, just something that makes your guests feel admired.


End note: So, whether you have a large group to entertain or a party of two, the tropical garden party theme bears continuity with the vitality which is already around ~ butterflies fluttering around your flower décor to birds chirping along with the music ~ with friendly laughter only adding to the merriment! So, dust off your finest china, give your friends a call, and make plans to dine alfresco! After all, celebrating all that is green is what this season is truly all about.


With the help of these tips, I hope that you will be inspired to host the garden party of your dreams. Enjoy the season, have fun and share more time with your loved ones!

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