How to Style a Silk Robe for Spring

How to Style a Silk Robe for Spring

When traditional fashion fuses with contemporary style, beautiful things can happen.


As I am constantly evolving and trying out new styles ~ when it comes to having a wardrobe with an eclectic collection of clothes while also keeping in mind the trends of each season ~ I like looking out for the best style staples, as I consider them to be the building blocks to a good versatile wardrobe.

That said there’s nothing that can beat the avante-garde-ness {:)} of a silk robe/robe coat tailored for effortless style. However, I know from experience that finding a good one isn’t always that easy. Hence, at the outset of each season I rely on my favourite brands to make a few versatile pieces, as well as offering something a bit more edgy.






This adaptable and beautiful piece combines influences from the classic kimono jacket, and mixes them with the versatility and simplicity of a lightweight cover-up.


Humour me here for a second: trends have become more flexible ~ sans rigid tones. Gone are the days when jackets were included only in formal wear. And the versatility of a robe jacket {it goes without saying} has always lent an artful and inventive balance to the ensemble one is wearing.

Regardless of its cut {and they come in many variations}, a silk robe/robe coat can camouflage your worst look and give it a spin in a decorative and elegant way. Now, imagine lounging at home and getting your picture clicked while wearing one over your pyjamas or shorts, sipping coffee or gazing out of the window. Well, upload them to your instagram/twitter handle ~ the flattering comments, attention and appreciation you receive for your candid look may just make your day.






This pattern has an interesting melange of colour and print, and I like that it is different than so many of the styles I’m seeing in the stores right now.


I think a classic gold or peach robe jacket in silk is a graceful and attractive option that blends well with the spring/summer 2019 season. A dull shade of gold leaning towards bronze suits Indian skin tones while giving a rich feel to the fabric. What I am wearing has a lovely symmetry and knits in the flowy and exotic feel of a traditional kimono jacket along with the lucidity of a simple and lightweight jacket. It is slightly longish but I think the length goes well with my height. I have no doubt that I will be comfortable flaunting this look even as spring and summer bleed into winter.






There is something very wistful and adapting about a silk robe/robe coat ~ it gives you a sense of comfort and belonging {in my opinion}. The subtle textured design of the ones featured is a classic detail which epitomises the concept of a style staple and makes it more versatile to wear. My style statement would be to pair either with cigarette pants, a classic tee, and leave the robe untied so that the fabric drapes well ~ while keeping the rest of the look subtle; to let my robe jacket do all of the talking.

Silk robes/robe coats compliment all attires really ~ they go well even with summer dresses for when it warms up properly in a couple of months, or even a beautifully structured tunic and matching palazzo in neutral colours, when you want a more ethnic look. A pair of statement earrings, a clutch, and an elegant pair of heels completes my look and I am ready to serenade anytime of the day. Oh and bold lips add to the look, as well as a diva’s attitude!

When stylish, aesthetic clothes are curated to fit you perfectly
You look at yourself and say, I look different. Beautifully different!


None of the pieces I’ve showcased here cater to any specific season; they’re just super versatile pieces that work for all shapes and sizes, and I love them for the personal and individual statements they make! 🙂


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* I love bringing together a bunch of conflicting items and weaving my own sense of one-ness to them. *


  • I love both looks, complete with the pieces you used as the top and bottom for the outfit! The hues are wonderful in both jackets and I think they are great statement pieces… unusual and eye-catching!

    • The most beautiful, luxurious silk robes deserve to see the light of day ~ and I’m glad you like my recommendations, Kimberly. 🙂

  • I would love to own one of these in a striking print, and you look totally impressive in them. But seriously, I could perhaps see myself in one with a more daring print/colour.

    • I know what you mean 🙂 As I was looking through pictures for this post, I was thinking I could wear a more daring print. Ha!

  • So it doesn’t appear to be that different than a kimono to me? Since I adore my kimono — I think they are a fun alternative to a coat. And those sandals are hot, Tanya!!

    • Yes, I was calling it a kimono until I went online and saw them calling it a ‘robe jacket’. At that point, I searched robe jacket on Pinterest, and beyond any doubt, it’s a thing!

  • So, I really like the colours and patterns, but not the cut of the Silk Robes. I think perhaps if they were more kimono shape (rounded edges and somewhat shorter) I might like it better. Thanks for trying something new and different though, Tanya!

  • I think it’s fun for a change and you definitely look incredible in the manner in which you styled them. That said, I can definitely see myself buying one. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • It’s a welcome addition for spring, for a more laid back cool style, even weekend casual, and it’s trendy.

  • They are just not for me… at any rate, I’ve not found one that I actually would ever really wear. I love that you went out of your comfort zone and styled these!

    • I instantly fell in love with the gorgeous print and the belt details that are frequently seen on high end wear, Karen.

  • I think they’re a great addition to your wardrobe, Tanya. Very distinguished, and they dress up an item beautifully.

    • I think these colours look great on the Indian skin tone ~ it complements the face, highlights the features, and makes us all look French chic. 🙂

  • Wonderfully composed post with great imagery, Tanya. I do believe the ones featured may be the silhouettes that I would wear (at least the gold one), and you styled it beautifully!

  • I think it’s a nice look. I am 5’8” and prefer longer cardigans, jackets, and kimonos. Obviously, the shorter you are, the harder the style is to wear well and have it look proportionate. Btw, the sandals are amazing, as are the earrings.

    • Longer lengths will still be in next season, that’s a fact, and these jackets have a good life ahead of them, especially if you go for a more classic cut.

  • Hello there! This observation doesn’t relate to your fashion post but to your hair! The bun look is nice for a change but your hair looks so healthy and thick when you wear it straight! Just wanted you to know my 2 cents! 🙂 Enjoy your blog so much!

  • Your blog is so fun and inspiring, Tanya! Gotta go share this with my fashionably forward sister. Have a great day!

  • You make me want to experiment with this look! And, WOW, you rocked those silk robes. Those sandals seem to add a rather cool element to the entire look.

    • I love that the silk robe can be as cool, as geek, as posh and sleek, or sophisticated as you want it to be!

  • The silk robe is definitely your style, although it wouldn’t be mine. I applaud you for styling it though. Another person perusing your post may love it; that’s what makes the world go round. 🙂

    • Thank you, Tamara! Since the length of both robes goes past my knees, I chose to contrast them to create that hi-low look I personally love.

  • I have a charming floral kimono that I do like but can’t claim to have worn a lot. I do like the manner in which you’ve styled yours – with the lighter hues and the fab earrings!

    • Another great way to style a silk robe is to wear it over denim, Megha. I love these looks styled on the streets with cropped jeans.

  • Time for honesty ~ I like both styles of the silk robe, but that’s it for me. I can totally see you wearing it because it accommodates your personality beautifully ~ in that you are an exceptionally carefree and exploratory personality.

  • You look incredible, Tanya! Thanks for sharing looks that are out of the ordinary and switching things up a bit. Continuously appreciate your insight and inspiration. Keep it up, I love reading your blog!

  • Well you styled these in the most ideal way ~ I’m now a fan. In spite of the fact that I like a more fitted look, I could see myself giving this a shot!

    • Styling your silk robe over a maxi skirt could be a very romantic look too if the proportions and colours are right, Taruni.

  • The silk robe might be something I would wear for an evening out over a slimming column of all black. The shoes are great!

    • For this combination to work, I would recommend choosing a silk robe that goes past your knees and has side slits of some sort, Donna.

  • I attempted to envision the silk robe with a sleeker look, like leggings, and a longer shell top to go along with the flowy lines of the look. Interesting thought and great for summer!

    • To accentuate your figure, tie the sash around your waist, or cinch your waist with a delicate belt, Vibhavari.

  • Well done for experimenting with a new trend for your readers. I really like both jackets and think they look great on you! Be that as it may, I have a slightly “boho” vibe myself and own quite a few kimonos/silk robes.

    • This look works in so many different ways – belt, no belt, heels or flats. Just throw on the outfit and your silk robe/kimono, slip into a pair of shoes that fit your occasion and you’re good to go!

  • Well Tanya, if anyone could style those silk robes, you could! Great job on assembling the outfits! I like the colours in both, and is probably a style I would gravitate to.

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