How to Rock the Blue Eyeshadow Trend

How to Rock the Blue Eyeshadow Trend


Want to feel ridiculously adorable and nostalgic, but oddly relevant at the same time? Give blue eye makeup a shot.





“We have to imagine a world in which celebration is less suspect that criticism.” This is what psychoanalyst Adam Philips’ advice is to all of us who readily enslave ourselves in the deep pits of self-criticism when all we need is to shine the light on our self and celebrate the beauty of being who we are. This celebration is a lot more about recognizing the loveliness of the inner soul, but every now and then it gets extremely rewarding to look pretty on the outside too – by being in sync with the trends of the fashion world, and giving your confidence a generous boost through the subtle art of makeup.









Although this season, subtle it most certainly isn’t, and is all about the many hues & shades of Blue. Trending now is the unabashed graphic eyeshadow with an affinity for the colour of the sea. The dominance of stunning azure eyes on the red carpet, with luscious red lips joining the foray makes one dizzy with all the panache that is being flaunted.

We saw a few appearances on the 2016 runways but the trend has really caught on in 2017, and fashion houses from Chanel to Maison Margiela are showcasing blue painted eyes. Some of our favourite A-list stars have also been spotted trying out blue makeup, be it on their lips or their eyes. Rihanna, Kriten Stewart and Gigi Hadid have stepped out in bold blue makeup inspiring thousands of fans to paint themselves a little blue.


A steady sweep of royal blue followed the crease of my eye in a solid line. The line almost takes wings towards the upper corner of the crease giving it a near cat-eye look.








So if you’ve been taking notes, there is no need to spell it out that blue is here to add some excitement to your fall makeup. I recently dabbled in this makeup trend for my campaign with Vivo, sealing the deal on the blue eyeshadow trend in a very cohesive way and it turned out to be an absolute hit!


A Statement Graphic Eye

The trend of colourful, graphic eye shadow is just in time for the transition into fall when you are looking for an edgy twist on makeup. I am talking about delving deep in creativity; playing blatantly with colours and perfecting a steady hand which can help you score a perfect 10 when it comes to your eye makeup. This campaign saw the use of graphic blue styles which made for very impressive cohesion on camera. Enhancing the overall look of my eyes were shimmery arrows that mischievously peeked out of the corners with white accents adding a stunning effect to the inner corners.

Tip: If you can boast of perfect blending skills and have perfectly neutral skin then you absolutely must try this trend.






Either just a little bit of makeup applied artfully, or piles and piles of glitter and shine!




Tip: Eye makeup is generally forgiving. If you feel that graphic makeup is way too much for you then keep it simple with a smudged, lived-in effect. Remember to start with a good primer and the rest depends on the lengths and breadths of your creativity.


End note: If blue eyeshadow still intimidates you, and you’re hoping to follow the trend without crossing the line on your tamer side then wear a lighter hue of the colour on your lids and lightly line your lower lashes. For those who love a show of bright colours, try a pigment-rich blue eyeshadow applied with an eyeliner brush. Complement the look with red lipstick that has an orange base or let your eyes do the talking while your lips are sealed in a creamy nude shade.

Once you start looking, you will realize that blue has a whole range that you are yet to explore. Take your time and pick the colours that work best for you. Remember to consider your complexion, hair colour and even the colours you have in mind for the rest of your face. Blue is gorgeous but it is not an easy shade to work with, so if you are not too sure about it then let the rest of your makeup stay on the more neutral side.


The End Result

304v Vivo 6

304v Vivo 7

A lesson in the art of pragmatic makeup: Blue is no longer the colour of despondency. Amp up your eyes with the royal shades of sapphire or playfully smudge periwinkle on your eyelids to create some magic!

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