How to Protect Your Hair And Skin This Monsoon

How to Protect Your Hair And Skin This Monsoon



The joy of getting drenched in the rain after having gone through heat strokes and sun-burns is something that can hardly be missed. But then we often end up regretting these sessions when our skin begins to react to the damp weather, and our hair chooses to rebel every time we try to style it. Here are some of the ways in which you can take care of your skin and hair this monsoon.

1. Stay Hydrated

If you thought that dehydration was a problem accorded to summer, then you are in for a surprise. Dehydration can turn into a problem during the monsoons too; with the weather being harsh on your skin and hair, insufficient water will result in hair that looks limp, and your skin will lose its radiance. Water provides resiliency so that your hair and skin can make it through the season without losing their true beauty.

2. Watch Your Diet

Your skin and hair are highly dependent on your diet for their nourishment. A protein rich diet can do wonders for your hair, while green vegetables can be really good for your skin. While this holds true for the entire year, I consider it really important to take care of my diet during this season, because monsoon brings with it the risk of various ailments and not all of them are water-borne.

3. Toning and Conditioning

Toning is as important a ritual as cleansing when it comes to your skin. Toning allows your pores to open up {high levels of humidity can shrink them} and the pH balance of your skin is restored {your skin would otherwise end up working overtime to regain a balance in pH levels}. In addition to this, toners also help in reducing the penetration of germs and impurities that can be harmful for your skin.

Keep the monsoon dullness away from your hair with the help of a good conditioner that suits your hair type. Conditioners ensure that your hair does not go limp or gets greasy, and continues to look healthy and nourished even after you walk home in a downpour.

4. Go Light on Makeup

Did you know that in this weather our makeup has to be a bit different? Due to the chances that we can get wet in the rain and because of the high humidity levels, it is always preferable to choose light waterproof makeup for the monsoons. This helps your skin breathe more easily and stay rejuvenated {excessive use of makeup would cause your skin to lose its luster}. When choosing makeup, look for something that can keep your skin hydrated so that your skin’s inherent beauty keeps you looking radiant.

5. Don’t Stash Away Your Sunscreens

Just because the sun has hidden behind the clouds, it does not mean that it will do your skin any less harm. Sunscreen shields your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun, and monsoon or no monsoon, as long as it’s daytime, your skin needs protection! So keep using sunscreen to ensure that your skin remains healthy and stays protected.

Follow these tips to help you make the most of this beautiful and playful season, while still maintaining radiant skin and healthy hair.

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