How to Maintain a Creative Mindset

How to Maintain a Creative Mindset

To sit, to stare, to find beauty in a blossom, fallen leaf, and barren bough –

             always searching for a better word to fill the vacant pages;

especially when caught up in a conundrum




I like being creative and it gives me a great high to perceive my surroundings with a ‘different eye’; search for the hidden meanings that are buried under the thought process, and finding connections, symbolism, and metaphors in my daily life. Amid a lucrative and flourishing business, family, friends, blog, and my SM channels ~ I always find myself fumbling when it comes to trying to find my space.

I feel that daily routines and other distractions are making me lose a bit of my focus when it comes to being aesthetic and creative. Especially since creativity and I share a symbiotic relationship and I know that my existence will become mundane if I have to let go of the art of being creative. But yes, a few tugs and pulls here and there, and lo! I have my problems solved. So many of you have asked how I even have time to do everything, so I thought it imperative to share my techniques with all of you, on how I keep my creative faculties active. Read on…


1. Morning Call 

I find being up at the break of dawn to be the quietest and most peaceful time to introspect, contemplate, and reflect without disturbance. I set my morning alarm to 6 am so that I get some uninterrupted time to read the headlines, scroll through my messages and Instagram posts, be updated with what’s the buzz word by flipping through the pages of glossy magazines, and of course practice yoga, and take a few minutes to connect with my inner self. This morning time of 45-60 minutes is revitalizing and is what sets the tone for the rest of my day ~ keeping me on the quest for that better word and seeing my creative restlessness get manifested.




2. Exercise

Working out is just as good for my body as it is for my mind and many a time it is during these workout sessions, and yoga practice that I get my motivation. Alternatively, a morning walk with my husband, Vikram or even biking gives me that much needed escape from the daily routine, and helps me find beauty and inspiration in the enchantment and eroticism of nature.

3. Like-mindedness

I have observed my creative process taking flight when I am in the company of those with whom there is harmony and a great rapport. I am constantly made to cogitate when I am with my working team and I find that a blessing in disguise because they challenge me in many ways during our brainstorming sessions and weekly meetings to hone my creative self to the deepest.




4. Scheduling

The busy schedule of life can slow you down both consciously and unconsciously and I have tried to get that spare time to think and listen by making that much-needed-creative-time for me. An hour a day jotting down fragments and thoughts, daydreaming, and pursuing art can be quite helpful as long as it does not stifle you. There is no need to be rigid about that one hour ‘my/me time’. You can always be flexible during days when there are limitations. Best is to take it easy during days when the tired spirit needs to be rested.

5. Podcasts

Actually this should be at the top of the list as it ignites the images buried in the deepest realm of my mind and brings out the hidden creativity to the fore. It is a necessity for me especially while travelling or commuting. For someone like me who is always in search of anything that will uplift my cognitive mind, podcasts help me think of things in a new light.




End note: The wisdom with art and life can be given longevity if you are consistent. With that comes the responsibility of maintaining a healthy mind which will be instrumental in keeping a consistent tempo, pace, and movement when it comes to your creative purpose


Everyone’s got their own tricks for fostering creativity, but if you’ve got any favourites that didn’t make the list, tell me about them in the comments below.

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* I love bringing together a bunch of conflicting items and weaving my own sense of one-ness to them. *


  • Super cool post that combines routines with innovativeness! A personal battle for me on the creativity front has been to be consistent. What’s more, I have found it hard to deliver inspired work without inspiration.

    • I don’t have a secret for instantaneous sparking of inspiration, however I do have a couple of ‘tricks’ I rely on to boost inspiration and to keep myself writing consistently, whether I feel inspired or not… 🙂

    • It’s the act of taking the necessary steps that builds more adeptness & emotional solace with it, which opens up room for greater inventiveness.

  • Inspiration isn’t as uncommon and ethereal as we may like to think. It’s likewise not an ensured daily condition, regardless of how creative you may think you are.

    • There are ways to make inspiration happen more often. It’s still not going to be a nozzle of innovative inspiration that you can turn on and off at will. It can, nonetheless, be significantly more frequent and even (dare I say it) more dependable.

  • Fab blog! Your routines, or daily rituals, will assist you with moving through the motions required to produce something, anything, even on the difficult days.

    • The way of the ongoing creative requires thoughtfulness, cognizant development, and an unassuming acknowledgment of your need for help.

  • I have discovered that following a day by day (or week after week) quota helps me to continue advancing on ventures even when I’m mentally stuck and spares me from stalling even more.

    • Absolutely! Following a daily quota, however minimal, encourages me to deliver an assemblage of work, little by little. Somewhat consistently means a great deal accomplished over a year or more.

    • Let’s likewise sit on the hammock on a breezy evening. Let’s also take naps, shun blame, enjoy the company of friends, say “no,” give ourselves solitude, play, and meander. 🙂

  • Innovative work is diligent work. It isn’t always fun, however when it’s flowing, it’s essentially the best feeling on the planet!

    • My advice: construct an existence that bodes well for you as a creative. Put in the thoughts and efforts to support yourself, so you can sustain the creative work.

    • Curiosity is the secret sauce to an intriguing and imaginative outcome. It’s likely significantly more essential than some of your passions.

  • At times I’m outright “done” with concocting one more imaginative thought! However, over the years, I’ve come to realise that being creative breathes life and vitality into me. 🙂

  • I’ve discovered that imaginative thoughts come after I begin doing the creative work. In the event that I sit tight for the creative idea to come first, nothing gets delivered.

  • Some people function admirably in activity and chatter. Others require calm and order. My recommendation is to discover what your creative space is.

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