How to get the perfect glow this Monsoon

How to get the perfect glow this Monsoon



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Do you hear the winds gently knock on your door as a cool breeze passes through the street promising sweet reprieve from the harsh summer sun? Monsoons are for the romantics. Snug up in an armchair with a hot cup of coffee or curl up in the bed with your favourite book. As pearly raindrops fog your view from the window, I wish you healthy skin and a happy soul.


For all the loveliness in its elements, the only reason why you may dread the onset of the monsoons is the skin problems it brings along with it. There’s no need to sulk about the weather any longer now that organic personal care can help you wade through your skin problems so that you can enjoy the rains. Pamper your body with homemade concoctions which preserve the radiance of your skin and nourish it keeping it soft and supple.


A flower based skin tonic is an excellent investment. While I would suggest a mint-based skin tonic for oily skin that I can assure you will work like a charm. If you love the saccharine smell of rose, then pick a rose skin tonic that you can place in the fridge in a small bowl, with cotton-wool pads soaking in it. It works as a natural skin toner and keeping it in the fridge lets you enjoy the cooling effect of the tonic on your skin. Use it regularly throughout the day and your skin will love you for it.

Tiresome eyes will also be greatly relieved with the application of these pre-soaked cotton-wool pads. However, if you are short on time, then simply splashing your eyes with cold water will bring instant relief.


A good monsoon face mask can be great for your skin too. Mix one egg white with three teaspoons oatmeal and a teaspoon each of yogurt and honey. An egg-less variation of this pack can be made with the help of rose water or orange juice. Apply this face mask for half an hour before washing it off. To feed some more nutrients to your skin, you may consider adding almond meal or dry and powdered lemon and orange peels. Use this mask twice a week for glowing skin.

The goodness of fruits can also help keep your skin pretty during the monsoons. Prepare a fruit face mask using grated apple with ripe papaya pulp or pineapple. Add cucumber pulp to your fruit mask to benefit from its ability to close pores while acting as an astringent on the skin. Note that papaya and cucumber have been used for ages to reduce the effects of tanning on your skin. Use mangoes in your preparation if you have dry skin. Keep the mask for 30 minutes before you wash it off.


Your hair needs just as much attention as your skin during the monsoons. Wash your hair more frequently to maintain its strength and lustre. If your hair is missing its usual shine, then a mixture of tea and lemon juice makes a great hair rinse to restore sheen. Also, don’t throw away used tea leaves. Place them in a pot with adequate water and bring to a boil. Once the water cools down, strain and add the juice of a lemon to it. Use this concoction as a last rinse after your shampoo. Replace the tea leaves with half a cup rose water if you do not like the smell of tea or you are not an avid tea drinker.

Did you know that egg whites are natural conditioners and cleansers. Use the white of several eggs as a hair mask and keep it on for half an hour before washing your hair. You can also apply Henna which nourishes your hair, conditions it and has a cooling effect on your scalp. For a good hair mask using henna, mix tea water, coffee, lemon juice and 2 raw eggs to the henna.


Pamper your feet this monsoon with a good foot bath. Soak your feet in warm or cold water to soothe. Add a tablespoon of coarse salt and half a cup of lemon juice to about one-fourth bucket of warm water and the results will be rejuvenating. You can also avoid skin problems that plague the feet during monsoons by adding a few drops of tea tree oil to the water.

If you prefer cold water, then add rose water, lemon juice and eau de cologne to the water and enjoy the refreshing feeling as the cool water takes away the fatigue and soreness of your feet. Your feet will smell fragrant too.



End note: Rains give you the chance to stay indoors a lot. So while you’re home, explore the goodness of these natural skin tonics, face packs and hair masks to help re-energize your body and help your skin retain its softness and radiance, and your hair its lustre.


Tell us, what’s your secret to a healthy-looking and glowing skin this monsoon season?

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