How to Bring Big Style to a Small Balcony

How to Bring Big Style to a Small Balcony

Is it the tinkle of wind chimes

the cooing of  birds

gentle breeze caressing my hair

or the flights of imagination while dozing

whatever, it’s my place in the sun…




Living in cramped spaces and concrete jungles has become all too common today; hence having an outdoor space is a wonderful luxury even if it comes in the form of a small apartment balcony. That feeling when you step out to enjoy the fresh air while being in the confines of your own private space ~ sigh!

Well, that makes me think aloud; have you thought of transforming your limited square footage and creating a customized personal space that can be your escape to paradise? There are actually a lot of great ways to do so and I have a few simple and easy decorating tools which can be the starting point to make your small balcony define freedom with its beautiful settings.


  1. What It Means To You

Think about what your main aim is. Being a small area it would be better not to cramp the place with your endless ideas; instead decide whether you want a place suffused in green to put your feet up and relax, or an outdoor dining space, a wooden playhouse, or a cosy reading place where you can get lost in a world of imagination, whimsy, and adventure. Once you have decided on the mood you want to create, you can begin with transforming the area into your personal urban oasis.

  1. Where Do You Begin

While there is nothing quite like having a relaxing and visually pleasing space, it is important to understand the area you have to work with, it’s most efficient layout, and its size before you start making plans to decorate.

If your apartment balcony space is as small as the one featured, it may be worth looking into some space saving ideas. For e.g. showcasing a vertical garden against one wall, custom ordering furniture to suit the space {a table that clips on to your railings or one that folds down from the wall}, or moving the seating area to occupy a corner. Work in symmetry so that the end result is neat and orderly and there is no clutter. It will make for a comfortable, elegant, and airy space.





  1. Your Selection

I have noticed that the most popular set-up for a small balcony is usually a functional and versatile table with two comfortable chairs. While there are plenty of options to choose from ~ from physical stores as well as online ~ I would suggest settling on pieces that are visually lightweight. Lucite or wrought iron for example work well for smaller balconies and will make the area look spacious. Add that to the use of the right multi functioning furniture, and that homely feel will only be accentuated.

Tip: When I go shopping, I always carry pictures of the space I’m shopping for along with all necessary measurements ~ and then make purchases accordingly.

  1. Blend Your Outdoors with Your Indoors

Though this is very common, it is one of the cleverest ways to create an amazing illusion of space while also giving a sense of oneness to the area. The connection works if you use the same colour tones for both indoor and outdoor décor. Alternatively, a sliding glass door will give the same effect of seamlessly connecting the indoors with the outdoors.



  1. A Dash of Colour Here, And a Tint There

Colours work in innumerable ways to make a space vibrant and radiate happiness. Throw in bold colours like reds, oranges, turquoise, and yellows, or opt for the softer shades like greys, blues, pinks, lavender, or tan in the forms of a pattered rug, bolsters for your seats, or potted plants.

I would additionally prescribe playing with colours via lamps/candles, floor cushions, and other knick knacks to help transform a boring balcony into a setting with a warm vibe which will evoke feelings of optimism and energy. And apart from an interesting colour palette, you could dress up the area in textures ~ greenery, wooden touches, and terracotta lamps to make it your favourite retreat!

  1. Light up the Area

Beautiful lighting will bring the entire area to life in the evenings and the soft glow on your potted plants, and furniture will add a touch of whimsy. I would say the effect of lighting is what will set the tone and mood of your outdoor space after dusk.

There are so many ways of using lights in your balcony depending on what you are looking for. You can choose from a variety of options; fairy lights, LED lanterns, Chinese lanterns, colourful or shaped light garlands, pendant lights, spotlights, and candles. While the right choice of lighting delivers aesthetic beauty and brightness, the use of too many bright lights can make the space look harsh. Be aesthetic and try to conceal the lights amid the plants, balcony railings, and furniture so they create an intimate haven where you can relax.




  1. Work on the Detailing

Bright flowers like lilies, roses, or zinnias, or an herb garden, or sea grass matting, or seashells if you are so inclined, can make your space exclusive and the most-liked spot in the house. These are simple additions to a small space, but they make all the difference.

Additionally music is a good go-to to muffle outside noise if your balcony faces the road. Or a tabletop water fountain can take your attention away from unruly neighbours. And if there are mosquitoes, I’d suggest using a diffuser with your loved scent. The aroma will not only be relaxing but will keep the mosquitoes at bay.

  1. On Being Practical

There’s no point crowding your balcony with a lot of wall ornaments, potted plants, lamps, and furniture just because you find them beautiful. Sometimes, being a minimalist will result in a better vibe. For instance, a low chest instead of a bench or chairs will work well as both seating and storage. Add an ottoman or two, for a charming and cosy balcony.

Also, if you want to make your space a bit more private so that you can enjoy your moments of solitude, you could consider installing a screen or outdoor curtains, or even using a green curtain made up of climbers like ivy, or bamboo plants to create a visual divide between you and the outside world.



There is something very sensual about simplicity and if you are looking to have a tranquil heaven to unwind after a hectic day, all you need is a cosy chair with that perfect side table to hold your wine glass. You can experiment with a monochrome theme if you are not so gung-ho about colours. The end result is that you should feel happy and ready to bask in afterglow (hic!).


* My set up: There are ample ways of customizing a space and giving it different themes. But if the beach is your scene, set up a corner of your balcony to be a tropical oasis. Add in a few low-maintenance palm planters, and be sure to serve yourself a rum punch. You’ll feel like you’re in the Caribbean, even if you haven’t gone anywhere!

** I have used this balcony to create another cool set up here.


Do you have any balcony, or patio decorating tips you’d like to share? Please drop me a note in the comment box below. 

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