Fashion’s Current Czar of Maximalism Ashok Maanay

Fashion’s Current Czar of Maximalism Ashok Maanay

Meet fashion’s current czar of maximalism, Ashok Maanay, the designer whose mystique prints and exuberant embellishments are like catnip to stars who want to be noticed.


Q1. Tell me about the philosophy of your brand.

AM: Maanay – is a breathtaking Amalgamation of intricate craftsmanship and contemporary design. I endeavour to strike a sense of balance to keep my creations exclusive yet wearable, by offering simple & comfortable clothing based on classic garments that stand the test of time.

Q2. What is “Maanay” vision?

AM: My vision stems from my family; I was taught me to be fearless by my mother, and that included my approach to fashion. My father taught me the importance of custom-made tailoring and diversifying my outlook. And, time has inspired me to not care what others thought, and set the example of what style should be: Fun.


Q3. Tell me a bit about the modern collection you showcased at the couture week. It was not a signature Maanay, but it was really interesting.

AM: I Iove mixing and playing with my designs, structural pieces, pattern mixing; and I love colour. I wanted to create a collection focusing on multifaceted lives of people, specifically to include more colour in their lives, which I felt was missing in mainstream fashion.

Q4. What excites you the most in the fashion industry right now?

AM: Everything; from street style to the royals, the energy of new designers, and the self-assurance exhibited by individuals while finding their own inimitable sense of style, to travelling and experiencing, and seeing how diverse cultures influence fashion around the globe.


Q5. What is your fashion advice for the men and women in India?

AM: Style is more about inner confidence than aesthetics. Define your own sense of what is fashionable. Like beauty, fashion & style are in the eyes of the beholder, so have fun and do not be afraid to express yourself!

Designer Ashok Maanay with his signature brand #MAANAY will present his collection titled “Mandarin Flames” specially designed and developed for Bangalore Fashion Week 2016, on Saturday the 6th of February.


What you can expect:

Mandarin Flames – The birthplace of this line is in the plains of modern day China, where heritage designs still thrive in all its pristine glory. Mandarin patterns in the form of traditional embroidery are interpreted as flames in Maanay’s appliqués in bright hues of linen. Floral and wildflower patterns merge with animal prints to produce a breathtaking collection that pays tribute to the virgin beauty of the Mandarin era.


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