Experiencing Gracious Thai Hospitality at Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi

Experiencing Gracious Thai Hospitality at Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi

I invite you to embark on a journey with me at one of Abu Dhabi’s finest hotels that is interlaced with the warmth of Thai hospitality and the grandeur of the Royal Thai family




Designed with precision, doused in grandeur, and dedicated to creating beautiful experiences, the Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi, is a traveller’s haven. A lot can be said about a hotel merely by its check-in experience. I am not sure if it was the contagious smiles of the staff members at the lobby or the scented towel which was accompanied with a cool cup of lemon grass tea, or maybe it was the combined effect of the two that makes me remember my check-in experience as one of the most fluid and stress-free I’ve had in the many years that I have travelled.





Dusit Thani proudly boasts of a post code that resonates with lavish fantasies. Located in the central business district of Abu Dhabi, the luxury property offers uninhibited views of the mesmerizingly green Eastern Mangroves on one side while the City Centre modestly sits on the other side gently tempting you to lose yourself in some retail therapy. General manager Desmond Hatton who, with years of experience under his belt, has ensured that the hotel lives up every bit to the luxe it promises to its guests. I had the pleasure of sitting next to him at the dinner table on the first night of my stay here. His prudence and the hotel’s meticulous staff have ensured that the hotel is recognized as one of the best in Abu Dhabi’s luxury travel market.


The tall towers of the hotel can be clearly noticed in the city’s skyline because of its imposing structure and exceptional architectural design. At an awe-inspiring 130 meters, the atrium uses natural light to beautify the interiors of the magnificent property. Two glass-walled bullet-shaped elevators busily gauge the 37 floors of the building evoking a feeling of grandeur and royalty ensuring that guests get a clear view of the breathtaking interiors and the exterior of the building. It’s an impressive sight and creates quite the first impression.







The luxury property comprises 402 guest rooms and 131 furnished executive apartments ranging in size between 36 meters to 450 meters, spanning the hotel’s 37 floors. The hotel is designed to spur admiration with each offering traditional Thai influences that intersect with modernity in a brilliant amalgamation drawing savvy business travellers who slant towards luxury. And since opulence lies at the heart of one’s experiences, every room here is designed with lush comfort and exquisiteness in mind.

292k Studio-Apartment


Studio Apartment


The compelling views of the wonderful firmament from the Sky Dome at Dusit Thani, Abu Dhabi refreshes the most jaded of souls. Spanning 2000 square meters of the colossal building, the 10 meter high geometric skylight that covers the lavish function area of the hotel is absolutely enthralling. I couldn’t help but gape at the impressive design and beauty of the space!





I’m wearing this gorgeous Chanderi creation by Nicobar {www.nicobar.com}


My Room: The Club Deluxe Experience

In a city which exemplifies urbane sophistication, Dusit Thani interjects Thai culture to the veins of Abu Dhabi in the most beautiful way. And my room smugly basked in the beauty of the combination of these two cultures. Whether it was the sincere courtesies of the staff or the careful addition of décor accents like potted orchids and a tropical fruit basket, the inclusion of the home culture of the brand hardly ever led to the seclusion of the city’s core traditions, culture and hospitality.

While the room surpassed all my expectations, the views that it offered made my heart yearn for a longer stay. The floor-to-ceiling windows ensured that I could enjoy an uninterrupted view of the expansive Eastern mangroves which was an impressive sight indeed.





Here’s a view of the extravagance I experienced during my stay at Dusit Thani. The bedroom was spacious and came with all the amenities that I may require. It included an ensuite bathroom that reciprocated the luxury of the room. Everything from the carpets to the art pieces seemed carefully picked to match the theme.


Dusit Club Lounge

All I need in the morning is a steaming hot cup of herbal tea that chases away all remnants of sleep as I start a new day. During my stay at Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi, I had an exclusive all-access pass to the Dusit Club Lounge where you can enjoy a scrumptious breakfast, a healthy brunch, mouth-watering snacks for cravings between meals and heady cocktails (Happy Hours between 5-7pm). The friendly staff will always welcome you to the lounge in the traditional Thai way of greeting, “Sawasdee” and go to great lengths to ensure that all your needs are well-anticipated.




I am quite an outdoorsy person, but Dusit Thani, in all its beauty compelled me to linger indoors in the lavish lounge of the hotel. Without second thoughts, I found myself getting comfortable in one of the plush chairs of the Club Lounge, letting its secrets unfold.



292z 1

292z 0


292z 2


The Outdoor Pool

That afternoon, I decided to enjoy a swim in the pool. I took the elevator to the 23rd floor where the terrace offered an amazing view and the temperature controlled breeze pool, a delightful swim. Additionally, the Jacuzzi promised a relaxing time to guests who wanted to beat the heat. The bartenders were kept busy with regular orders of drinks, the life guards were very attentive and the attendants frequently helped you with cold towels and water. To sum it all up, I was impressed by the extent of hospitality and thoughtfulness displayed. It was a summer afternoon to remember.

292z 3

292z 4


Dinner at Benjarong

Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi offers an array of exquisite restaurants including Benjarong – an award-wining restaurant that serves Thai cuisine, The Capital Grill – offering steaks and Mediterranean specialties, and Urban Kitchen – an international all-day dining restaurant.

Benjarong being the hotel’s signature restaurant, I found myself looking forward to dinner that evening given its popularity.

292z 5

292z 6

292z 7


It was my first fine dining experience at the hotel and I wasn’t sure how the night would turn out. But this was all before Lopez came over to my table to take my order. Her friendly and engaging disposition was complimented by an infectious smile as she helped me with my order.

The meal started on a high note when Chicken Satay was brought to my table on sugarcane skewers. Peanut sauce, cucumber dip, and prawn crackers were an accompaniment to this dish. Imagine the saccharine syrup of the sugarcane blending into the moist meat of the chicken as you bite into the two. From here on, my expectation of tastes and flavours was automatically augmented.

This was followed by King Prawns with tamarind sauce, Crab Curry with thin rice noodles and beautifully fragrant Jasmine Rice. Each dish was cooked to perfection, and the flavours and aromas that accompanied the dishes were unique and delightful. The food at Benjarong was nothing less than exceptional!

292z 8

292z 9

Finally, dessert was a fate accompli. There is nothing that can take the place of Khao Niew Mamuang, popularly known as sticky rice with mango, and Bua Loy with Coconut Ice Cream. There was a beautiful balance of flavours, and I could taste freshness in every bite.

I always say that food is incidental, but people are everything. That was again illustrated by the staff here


Breakfast at Urban Kitchen

The next morning I was up early and brewed myself a hot cuppa using the in-room Nespresso machine. The caffeine kicked in and an hour later, I made my way to Urban Kitchen for breakfast. The spread was an extraordinary one with plentiful options to choose from.

The staff of Urban Kitchen is the heart of the restaurant. The lively chef de cuisine, the effervescent serving staff and the adorable hostesses pump in vibrancy to the environment that somehow affects everyone visiting the restaurant. You may not see many Thai staff members in the hotel, but not a single one of them lacks the warm Thai hospitality.


The Presidential Suite

The Presidential Suite! My visit here was solely for the editorial shoot but I coveted the expansive area and the beauty of the place only hoping to have booked this place for my stay. 😀

Royal Thai’s regalia resonate with the opulence of the magnificent Presidential Suite which is designed to give guests a 180 degree panoramic view of the capital city of UAE. It includes a splendid master bedroom, a stunning living space, a dedicated work area, and a fully equipped kitchen with a separate dining space. The ensuite bathroom is no less luxurious and comes fully equipped with luxury amenities. Additionally, the lavish walk-in closet is an enviable sight while the bathtub implores you to step into it and forget the world around you!

292z 10

292z 11

292z 12


292z 13

Magnificence personifies itself in the bravura of the dining space. Everything from the stately chairs to the brilliance of the lighting fixtures makes this place worthy of a royal experience.


292z 14a

292z 15

292z 16

292z 17

The Presidential suite has a beautiful walk-in closet where I stopped for a quick three-way teté -a-teté with myself. On the left I have my evil self, tempting me into bringing one of these closets home while on my right stands my pertinent conscience telling how much I needed to get rid of some of the stuff that I already owned and to simply stop giving in to the temptations of shopping some more!


Thai experiences hardly end without reference to the word ‘spa’ and to keep writing traditions intact, let me tell you about Naam Spa {water body in Thai} which forms an integral part of the hotel. Naam Spa is inspired from the elements of the universe and it is known to offer the best Thai treatments which aim to cleanse and rejuvenate its guests just like water purifies the body and soul.

292z 19

292z 20


End note: Not often do we get the chance to surrender ourselves to the relaxing calm of our surroundings replete of negative thoughts or busy schedules. But when we do, I am the kind of person who likes to enjoy every bit of it! From the moment you step into the vicinity of the regal Dusit Thani, you will experience a feeling that is comparable to nothing else. The colossal building sure has a way of imposing awe on its guests but its friendly and courteous staff and beautiful ambience ensures that amidst all that grandeur and charm, you take back beautiful memories of the wonderful moments spent at this luxurious property.


Thank you Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi for opening your doors and your hearts, and making me feel right at home away from home.

292z 21


*Disclaimer: This review was done on an invitation from Dusit Thani, and is a narrative of the author’s experience at the property. Due judgement and care has been applied by the author to remain objective and unbiased in the review.

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