Easy Braided Hairstyles That Are Perfect For Any Occasion – Part 3

Easy Braided Hairstyles That Are Perfect For Any Occasion – Part 3

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The best thing about braids – there are numerous ways you can wear them, and these simple interlaced hairstyles redefine “easy braids.”

From an elegant chignon to a flirtatiously braided crown headband that takes away the dreariness of wearing your hair the same way every day; braids are quick and easy. Be that as it may, if you are just beginning your styling experiments, try these hairstyles over the weekend or on your day off when you are not in a rush to test them.



Side French Braid Low Chignon

This style combines the complexity of a French braid with the ease of a low chignon. Wear it when you want to look extra elegant.

The French braid stems from one easy concept: gather and pass. Once a section of hair is included into the braid, a new section is gathered and added in once again. As for the side bun, it looks elegant and the asymmetric look of the hairstyle works great on long and medium hair. Wear this style to a formal event or to a casual lunch with your girlfriends. Accessorize with flowers or a piece of jewellery for some added splendour.

1. Neatly brush your hair to smoothen out the knots before you make a short part on the right side. Begin with a section of hair in your hand.

2. This section of hair will be used to make a French fishtail braid that starts from the top right of your head and ends at the bottom left. The technique is very similar to that of a regular fishtail braid. The only difference is that you will be adding extra hair from the side of your head to the braid.









3. Pick a small section of hair from the left side and cross it over to your right hand adding it to the section of hair that is already there. Do the same thing by picking hair from the right side and crossing it over to the left hand. Repeat this as you braid diagonally down your head, and keep braiding till you reach your left ear.

Tip: For fishtail braids, I find it helpful to consider them as two ponytails. Hold one ponytail in each hand while you cross over smaller sections of hair from one side to another, continually keeping one ponytail in your hand.

4. Now that your braid has reached your left ear, begin curving the braid so that it follows your lower hairline. Continue into a regular side fishtail braid with the rest of your hair until all your hair is braided. Use an elastic band to secure the end.

Tip: Use a clear elastic band so that it doesn’t show when you create the chignon.









5. Twist the braid up and around to form a low spiral bun to complete the hairstyle. Use bobby pins to secure the chignon tightly in its place.

The simple side bun gets a style upgrade and offers an elegant look with ornate lines paired with the pretty French braid.


Once you get used to French braiding, this is one style that you may want to repeat more often for casual as well as formal outings. It is most suitable for long hair without many layers. Adding smaller sections equally on both sides will emphasise its beautiful seashell-shape appearance.





End note: Spice up your everyday hair routine with one of these stunning easy braided hairstyles. Rock yours in a chignon, wrapped around to resemble a crown headband or even a fishtail!




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