Easy Braided Hairstyles That Are Perfect For Any Occasion – Part 2

Easy Braided Hairstyles That Are Perfect For Any Occasion – Part 2

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The best thing about braids – there are numerous ways you can wear them, and these simple interlaced hairstyles redefine “easy braids.”

From the romantic bohemian braided crown headband added to your casual updo to the beautiful fishtail braid that takes away the dreariness of wearing your hair the same way every day; braids are quick and easy. Be that as it may, if you are just beginning your styling experiments, try these hairstyles over the weekend or on your day off when you are not in a rush to test them.



Fishtail Side Braid

The intricately woven appearance of the fishtail braid may look like it needs a lot of patience and time but those who style their hair with it will tell you that it is really easy to master. Instead of sectioning your hair into three, like you would for a traditional braid, the fishtail braid uses just two sections and then smaller sections of hair from each piece is layered over the other till you reach the tip.

1. Brush your hair to free any tangles and part it on one side. If you’ve parted your hair on the right side then comb all your hair towards your left shoulder. If your part is on the left then comb it to the other side.

2. Beginning at the nape of your neck, create two sections. The key is to neatly section your hair so that strands of hair don’t cross over from one section to another.





3. Hold these two sections of hair on the side of your head and begin braiding it the fishtail way. Take a small section of hair from the outer edge of one of the two sections and use it as a third strand to cross it over to the inside of the other section of your hair. That strand of hair now belongs to the second section. This brings you back to two sections of hair once again.

4. Repeat this with the second section and keep doing it over and over again making sure that you tighten your braid every time a strand of hair crosses from one section to another. This will give the appearance of an inverted braid, which looks distinctly like the fishtail shape, hence the name.





5. Fishtail braids are most commonly worn in a slightly messy and slept in way. To pull off a messy look, gently tug the sides of the braid to loosen them, giving the braid a textured look.


Tip: If you are trying this style for the first time, then you may want to begin by tying your hair on one side with an elastic band so that you have a side ponytail. Once your fishtail braid is done, you can use a pair of scissors to carefully cut the elastic band. Loosen up your braid a bit and no one will know about your elastic band hack. 🙂

If you hair is cut in layers then you can either pin back the loose strands, or simply let them be for a chic bohemian look.


The fishtail braid looks stunning on women with textured hair. If you’ve got natural curls or waves then this is just the hairstyle for you. As for all my readers with fine hair, the curling iron comes to your rescue. You can use dry shampoo or spray to create some texture too.




End note: The Fishtail braid makes long hair manageable and gives your hair an intricately woven look. It is perfect for a long day at work, as it is a hairstyle that looks better the messier it gets. Let me know if the fishtail side braid works for you and if you have any questions, or if you can make this lovely hairstyle better in any way then don’t forget to mention it in your comments.

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