Diwali Gift Wrapping Essentials

Diwali Gift Wrapping Essentials




Happy Thursday! Now that I’ve completed the arduous yet extremely fulfilling task of shopping for Diwali gifts… I have them staring coyly at me waiting to be dressed up in their festive best before being shipped off to my friends and family.

As gift wrapping requires us to be generous with our time and patience {especially when purchasing for a big family, and friends & colleagues}, I know a lot of you tend to step back and rely on a jaded gift wrapper at the store to do it. I’ve had a few girlfriends reveal to me that wrapping presents can be considerably more infuriating than finding that perfect gift – however to me; it’s really the best part. If anything, gift wrapping represents the same combination of childlike wonder and intensity that marks the festival itself. With my favourite music playing in the background to keep up my vitality, I spend a few hours befriending tape and scissors; my mind buzzing with creative ideas and my heart anxious in anticipation of the outcome. They say presentation is everything, and when it comes to great gifting, I have to agree!

So without further ado, here is my list of ultimate essentials which make for perfectly wrapped gifts this Diwali!

P.S. Regardless of the possibility that you’re not quite a gift-wrapping enthusiast, use these simple tips to make that gift wrapping session really fun – or if nothing else somewhat more enjoyable.




My creative ammunition:

  • Craft paper {brown is an all-time favourite, but white works well too}
    Condone the usual for something rustic this time. Turn your wrapping paper into a canvas that can display your creativity with Diwali decorations. Everything from freehand designs to mini-cut diyas, and glittery monograms look beautiful when the person receiving the gift realizes the effort you’ve put into making it special for them.
  • Burlap ribbon {find as many styles as you can – mix different sizes and get at least 1 thin and 1 thick ribbon}
    Curling ribbons are pretty, but we’ve all outgrown our fascination for those bouncy ribbons. Simplicity and functionality are on the vanguard now and the lattice design of burlap ribbons enables you to mail your gifts without worrying about losing the aesthetic beauty of the wrapping.
  • Glittery monograms
    What could say Happy Diwali, while adding a little sparkle to the festivities, more beautifully than glittery monograms? They not only add colour and merriment to the gift wrap but also work perfectly as a tag.
  • Gift wrapping essentials
    A ruler, scissors, pen/pencil, tape and white ribbon. You can’t wrap gifts without these trusty items!




Tip #1: Set the mood

I’ve seen some surprised looks when I talk about my gift-wrapping mood… It’s when I play my favourite playlist on loop, light some scented candles {making sure to keep those flames away from my wrapping paper}, and keep my favourite snack close by before I begin my wrapping session.

My gift wrapping corner is next to the living room bay-window from where I enjoy the views outside, tapping into my creativity with Louis Armstrong playing some delightful jazz in the background, my favourite woods and fig candles lit up in the opposite corner and a mocaccino {a chocolate-flavoured variant of a caffè latte} sitting temptingly on a coffee table next to me – I endeavour to utilize an hour or two on a comfortable day of the week or free day for my Diwali gift wrapping.


Tip #2: Precision is key

Getting down to the nitty-gritty… Neatly wrapped gifts are a joy. Remember I talked about being a little generous with patience? This is just the time when you will need it. From measuring the amount of paper that will be required for each gift, to the perfect creasing of the folds; every bit of your hard work will pay off when your gift looks beautiful in its wrapping.

I am a perfectionist and hence not a big fan of shabbily tucked edges. Once the wrapping is firmly taped on to the gift, I gently run my fingers around it to reinforce the folds and am pleased that my gift looks picture perfect!




Tip #3: Layer

Layers play a big role in beautifying things. Layers of cream on a cake, layers of clothing in winter, layers of net in a wedding lehenga… in my opinion layering is always a great option. It helps you create depth and dimension and when the gift is unwrapped, you will be lovingly remembered for your thoughtful wrapping.

The best way to layer is to start off with a thick ribbon as the base and I then add a thinner ribbon on the top as it usually adds a touch of contrast to the gift. And since Diwali beckons for some cheerfulness, I wrap my girly gifts in glitter ribbons. Although I must admit that burlap with its frayed ends, is my current favourite, as it adds a little personality to the gift.


Tip #4: Add a Festive Touch

While burlap and ribbons are all nice, Diwali gifts need something more that spells out feStiVe! Decorate each gift a little differently – use glittery monograms or handcrafted cut-outs or mix and match to make your gifts truly special!

I love adding an unexpected element on my gifts. This year, my little surprise happens to be a paper-cut string of lights. I also like the idea of adding refreshing sprigs of green to beautify the gift and wish Diwali in a way that connects us back to the loveliness and bounty of Mother Earth. And, voila! A flawlessly wrapped Diwali gift {if I may state so myself}! Obviously don’t hesitate to switch up whatever you need to with a specific end goal to better suit your requirements!




This piece of write up is solely to inspire each of you to take the time to make every one of those Diwali presents extra special! It’s really half the fun of gifting!

Wishing everyone a Safe and Happy Diwali!


Which is your favourite way to wrap gifts this Diwali? Do you love wrapping as much as I do?

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