Currently Obsessing: Superdry Sportswear

Currently Obsessing: Superdry Sportswear

Who loves new workout clothes?

I certainly do. I can never have enough of them! I’ve been turning a deaf ear to my husband’s persistent complaints about my incongruous need for workout clothes when I already have a wardrobe full of them. So when I was approached by Superdry to test out some of their sports clothing, I had the smuggest smile on my face as I told my husband about my new invite.







{In these photos I am wearing Superdry The Real Brand Tee, Superdry Gym Logo Leggings & Superdry Scuba Runner Sports Shoes. More on the other products mentioned below in my future posts}


For me, Superdry was always the brand that dealt with stylized street wear; but perusing their website, they actually have an impressive collection of active wear for women – everything from sports bras to leggings to hoodies. After browsing through their website and visiting the Superdry store at VR Bengaluru, I decided on the Core Gym Running Racer-backs, Gym Running Vest, The Real Brand Tee, Gym Logo Leggings and the Scuba Runner Sports Shoes.

My first impression on trying out some of the pieces from their latest sportswear collection was that the brand designs high quality clothes for comfort and style. Their leggings were well fitted and uber-comfortable, and didn’t have the slightest bit of sheerness which made them great for my workout regime. The racer-backs were cool too; supportive yet breathable and most importantly, stayed put during a run.

How can you forget the right trainers when it comes to your workouts? The chic Scuba Runners with their contrast sole are lightweight, so you can really get into your workout without feeling their weight. Definitely true to size these runners are versatile, stylish and – most importantly – really comfortable.

Why I love Superdry

Their unconventional designs which bear a Japanese influence makes the label stand out. You may end up paying a bit more than other brands, but then you are paying for a style and not just a brand. And, Superdry deserves their popularity; they’ve been garnering the attention of buyers because of their uncompromising quality and distinctive vintage style. My verdict: The high quality workout pieces deigned by this brand are definitely worth adding to your workout collection. As for me, I’ve already decided what I am going to buy at the store on my next visit.

About the brand:

Julian Dunkerton, the owner of SuperGroup, has tasted success before through his ownership of a brand named Cult Clothing, that used to sell logo T-shirts and vintage-looking skater-ish clothing to students. One of the labels that Cult stocked was Bench – a skater brand that was popular among buyers for its hoodies and T-shirts. When Bench’s founder and designer James Holder left in 2003, Dunkerton approached Holder, and the two conceived Superdry. The company has come a long way since, consistently outperforming other brands to become a sartorial phenomenon.


What’s the best new workout gear you’ve found recently?

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