Christmas Holiday Tablescape

Christmas Holiday Tablescape

A Little Less Simplicity and a Lot More Dazzle Please!

A Christmas Holiday Tablescape is like tapestry that isn’t just beautiful, but also tells a story. Stories about age-old heirlooms beautifully adorning the centre, about a hand-crafted tablecloth bought as a reminder of our trip, and about flowers that most accurately resonate with the spirit and cheerfulness in the air.

This is why I always take the onus of setting up the table for a family dinner


The holiday season invites a meditation on togetherness, the meaning of joyfulness, the profound relationship between our yearning to be loved and the ability to open our arms and love others equally so, and the fragile tendrils of care which grasp onto a warm heart.

I can feel a change in the air as Christmas draws near. Stores, both big and small, are beginning to bring out their Christmas trees, streets are being lit up with pretty lights for New Year, and the cheery star has already started popping its head out from the roofs and balconies of many homes. Looking out from the balcony of my home, I immerse myself in the excitement of the year coming to a close, the joys of seeing close friends and family and the happiness of starting a New Year. So I begin to plan and ideate for upcoming Holiday Dinners which all of us eagerly look forward to.

I wanted the zing in the atmosphere to continue on to the dinner table; keeping things fun and festive even when we sit down to dinner. This is why I wanted a generous inclusion of colours which liven up the mood. I also have an affinity for vintage mercury glass and pretty fresh flowers. I hope my tablescape inspires you to come up with a beautiful way of decorating your own dinner table this Christmas season. 🙂





I started with an inventory of décor and silverware that I already had. It served as a launching pad for my ideas. The everyday place setting of our table is white and I totally love the way white enhances the entire look of the table. But Holiday Dinners are special, so that white needed some dazzling up. I have a gorgeous ivory tablecloth with block-printed gold stars that I decided would go well with the theme I had in mind, and to go along with the bright gold stars, I took out crystal and silverware that has been in my family for four generations now. In my opinion, adding family heirlooms increases the charm of the table and connects it to a bigger, more beautiful story.






Each place setting was set with an ivory charger and ivory plates with silver details on and silver flatware. I chose dinnerware that included silver details for a touch of elegance and to contrast with the colours of the tableware. I neatly tied the flatware with satin ribbons for texture, and letting the holiday spirit rule my mind added a few Christmas tree ornaments to the ribbons.

The napkins sitting deftly next to the plates looked dapper in their holders. Not able to pick between an adorable vintage sterling silver reindeer napkin holder and a decorative crystal one, I ended up using both on my table. As they went up on the table, I realized how two is sometimes better than one!

A small ceramic ornament lay unassumingly beside the plates as a fond keepsake for my guests. I had filled them with holiday chocolate simply because the season believes in sharing sweetness in not just our relationships but also in our appetite.

Of course, my table also saw a generous addition of mercury glass ornaments as they perfectly augmented the holiday vibe. These timeless pieces sat coyly on the table, serving as a reminder that classic pieces of décor never fade. They also hung cheerily from my Christmas tree creating continuity in the theme of the dinner.















I firmly believe Copper tableware is perfect any time of year! This led me to bringing out these pretty copper bowls, with the inclusion of colour in metal adding to the visual sensation. I adore copperware and it has adorned my dinner table more times than just the holiday season. But adding to the delightfulness of the vibrant environment were pretty copper vases too, to hold those gorgeous blooms, which stood nattily on copper trays that were lined up on the table. I love the drama this metal creates!

I love holiday dinner tables when they are flamboyant and visually stunning. So simplicity was never on the agenda!





Tip: For a festive vibe, my advice would be to add interest by coordinating decorative elements that compliment the setting such as delicate pearls and scented candles and using fresh flowers. Keeping an eye on the details makes all the difference.










The festive spirit encouraged me to play with candles and pearls as the main focus of the table, and I gladly obliged. I used a Silver Candelabra at the centre of the table on account of its sensational impact; it looked brilliant, especially after I swathed it in fairy lights {that reminded me of miniature gold disco balls} that I had purchased from our local hardware store. The garland of fairy lights extended down the middle of my table where they were interwoven with strings of pearls and shiny Christmas baubles.

I had also picked candles to match the colour of the roses {that were going to add an element of freshness to my table}. These candles were placed in tall brass candlesticks that I positioned strategically in different parts of the table. Later that evening when the candles were lit and the fairy lights glowing, the magic was intense and I totally loved the effect it had on my guests!









With the winter breeze nudging me to create a cosier ambience, I added some votive candles for a warmer, more inviting aura. The element of vibrancy and festive glamour ruled the tablescape while smaller elements of timelessness, created a classy more composed overall impact.

Dinner tables could hardly be complete without the addition of fresh flowers. So I chose bunches of fresh pink roses to make the tablescape look more alluring, while also supplying an element from nature. The warm glow from the candles and the gentle blush of the pink roses created a beautiful effect on the rest of the elements of décor on the table.








The moon demurely shone its light on my table contributing to the beauty of the place as if in recognition of all the hard work I had put in. My guests loved every bit of, and I enjoyed every bit of the dinner as I sat there looking at my own imaginations unfolded into reality!







End note: While the Holiday Season is perfect for family dinners, this tablescape can work for you any time of the year. Take away the Christmas décor and add roses in place of the centrepiece or add a piece of décor that resonates with the occasion you are celebrating.


I hope that my Christmas Holiday Tablescape inspires you to take the time out and create your own holiday masterpiece. Tell us your thoughts and share your own ideas in the comments. Happy Holidays!

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