Bliss Luxury Chocolates

Bliss Luxury Chocolates


To say that Kanchan Achpal knows a thing or two about chocolate would be an understatement. I recently caught up with the Head E-commerce Operations at Bliss Chocolates to learn more about her passion for chocolate and the secret behind the brand’s loyal and returning customer base.

Q1. Tell us about Bliss chocolates. What makes it special?

KA: ‘Bliss chocolates’ is dedicated to crafting the world’s finest Couverture chocolates. Our recipes make us unique as we are dedicated to creating innovative products by world renowned chocolatiers, bakers, and patisseries.

Q2. Can you describe the chocolate-making process you’ve adopted; what the setup, equipment, and team at the manufacture plant are like; what ingredients you use and how you select them?

KA: At Bliss we use high quality raw materials sourced from all over the world that are all tested independently and approved by labs in India. We adopt the melting and tempering processes in order to produce high quality chocolate.

Chocolate bars and coated nuts using Panning machines are also our specialty. We have an independent QA team who analyse each and every product that is manufactured; hence our chocolate quality is never compromised on.


Q3. What are the key differences between single origin offerings and blends?

KA: For our single origin chocolates we source the cocoa beans from Madagascar, Ghana, Java, and Ecuado. We have developed specific chocolate bars, cocoa powder, hot chocolate & stir-it-ups which use single origins, and range from 65% to 77% cocoa.

We use cocoa from different regions to create blends with their own unique flavour. We use Callebaut for our bulk production with the cocoa content starting from 55%

Q4. For you, what should we feel when we eat a piece of Bliss chocolate? What are your flagship products?

KA: The one line that would come to my mind is, “Have a blissful experience.” Our flagship products include Couverture chocolates like Almond Sensation Milk, Chili and Passion Praline.


Valentine’s Day is a perfect occasion to gift your loved ones some sweet treats. This Valentine’s day, Bliss Chocolates will be offering a range of products that will wow your loved ones. Their collection includes: heart- shaped cakes, chocolates, cookies, lollies and love cupcakes.


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