BFW’s Resident Hottie Niaz Khan

BFW’s Resident Hottie Niaz Khan


A fun Valentine’s Day Q&A with BFW’s resident hottie, Niaz Khan.

Q1. Valentine’s Day: thoughts of love — and anxiety — are in the air over what to do for that special someone. What’s the most embarrassing cringe-worthy thing you have ever done for a girl?

NK: When I was in college I was transitioning between 2 gals; since I wanted to be nice to the outgoing gal, I decided to get them both gifts, but I mixed up with the cards and they ended up getting cards meant for the other person.

Q2. We love getting gifts on Valentine’s Day; while we truly believe it’s the thought that counts, there are some gifts that make you wonder just what the giver was thinking. What is the strangest or worst gift you’ve ever received for Valentine’s?

NK: A weird gift I can recollect of is a friendship band which looked like a rakhi.

Q3. Our contemporary idea of paying tribute to a loved one on Valentine’s Day seems to be rooted in medieval courtly love. Has it changed much in 800 years?

NK: Yeah, it has been commoditized to a great extent, and your love quotient is ascertained as directly perpendicular to the value of gift you give. Such a pity!

Q4. Some people feel down this time of year if they’re not in a romantic relationship. Any tips to help single people not get bummed out by all the loved up people everywhere?

NK: : I’m certain most people in long-term relationships are (secretly) unhappy. While it is nice to have a partner to cuddle with relationships can also be dreadfully inconvenient if you don’t find your right match; so rushing into something due to social pressures is uncalled for.

Q5. Are you doing anything to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year?

NK: To be honest, no. I don’t believe you need any particular day to profess your love. To me Love is an endless journey.

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