Best food blogger in India

Best Food Blogger in India

Being the best food blogger in India is not always about sitting in luxurious restaurants with plush interiors, and tables that have everything set to utter perfection. Sometimes, it’s about exploring the roads less travelled to find a simple dish, and posting that recipe online. And I find that food helps people connect with each other. How deep is your love for food? Are you willing to discover new horizons when it comes to food? Here is what the best food blogger in India should have in their blog:




Your Own Niche

What is your food blog going to be representative of? Will it be known for honest reviews or do you plan to share recipes on it? Identify the goal of your blog. It is important that your readers associate it with a particular niche, e.g reviewing ultra-luxury restaurants, launches of new restaurants, organic recipe’s etc. You can also choose baking and include everything about it. Then there is the rising lure of traditional food and different cooking techniques used while preparing traditional food. If you are planning to review restaurants then make sure that you give a truthful account of your experience. Do not sugar coat things because readers will be able to sense that.

Interesting Stories

Food blogs are not just about publishing recipes or reviewing restaurants. There is so much more to food. A foodie doesn’t see food as just a source of energy – it is a way of life for them. Through food, they experience new cultures, make new friends and explore new regions. You may not understand all of this if you don’t have an undying love for food. But then, if you are not passionate about food, you can hardly aim to become the best food blogger in India. Share your stories with your readers via high quality content and images. You can also share conversations that you have had with people as you tasted a new dish or shared a new recipe. Wrap it all up in a compelling story and your blog posts will garner more interest.




Impressive Images

How often do you go through online recipes and feel a rumble in your own tummy as you come across some very delectable images of the dish? Photos can have a considerable impact on your readers. Share photos of the dish you prepare and the different steps it goes through before it reaches the dinner table. If you are reviewing food, then share pictures of the plating, the stuffing {if there is any}, as well as the ambience.

Food photography has gained momentum in recent years as more and more people are trying to explore different cuisines. Using high quality, original images in your blog posts gives it an impressive look.

Unique Food Experiences

Your blog posts are unique when you share your unique experiences in them. To be the best food blogger in India you must know how to describe your food experiences; it can be about the recipe or the food you are reviewing. Just ensure that you don’t rephrase someone else’s experience. Your post should be about how you found the food to be. This is what will pique your users’ interest.




User-Friendly Website

Many bloggers hoping to monetize through their blog end up making their readers click on links again and again until they finally reach the recipe they are interested in reading. This may sound good from a monetary viewpoint but it can be very unwanted for your readers, as it can be annoying to go through so many pages just to reach the page you are looking for. My advice is to make your website user-friendly. The easier it is for your readers to go through your content, find what they are looking for and navigate through the website -the more positive their experience will be. And a blogger who really wants to win hearts will take the time to develop a user-friendly website.

Content That Is Not Just Attention-grabbing But Also Practical

If you are going to share recipes then ensure that they are not just interesting but they also make sense when your readers go through them. If you are targeting audiences in India you may want to make sure that you include alternatives to products that are not easily available. Readers appreciate this because if they get interested in a recipe and wish to reproduce said dish, they shouldn’t have to leave it halfway for want of an ingredient or herb that is not available in their local market.




Fair Reviews

We know it is easy to make things sound good, but your readers are looking for an unbiased review of a restaurant. They want to know if the restaurant is worth trying out. They want to know what is good and what is not so good about the place. The ambience, the service, the dishes, the time taken, and everything else that you can think of, related to the review of the restaurant. When your opinion comes through as a fair one, then the restaurant as well as your readers will find your review to be a more helpful one, than a review that covers up the problems and highlights the good things only.

User Engagement

We know how important user engagement can be when it comes to aiming to become the best food blogger in India. People like bloggers who try to engage with them. Connect with your readers through comments and different channels of social media. The more you talk to them, the more you will learn about what they want to see on your blog. It will be easier for you to plan your next post or strategize a campaign to promote your blog when you have better insight into the needs of your target audience.


Written by: Pooja Sharma

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