Best Fashion Blogs in India

Best Fashion Blogs in India



Blogs weren’t always as integral to the internet landscape as they are today. They have a short history but their moment of fame has been way more than brief. When Justin Hall created his first personal homepage, in 1994, he had no idea that he was pioneering the way to modern day blogging. In the brief period of a little over two decades, blogs have become a way of life for people. With more and more of them writing {personal blogs, commercial blogs, for companies etc}, blogging has become main stream with large organizations also focusing on blogs as part of their content marketing strategy.

Blogging has also gained momentum because of the steady income it promises to any blogger with business acumen. Talking of earning through blogs, fashion blogging has been one of the best pay-offs for a lot of bloggers. If you were to browse through the best fashion blogs in India you will notice the fan following that these influencers have, the campaigns that they have been roping in because of their popularity and their unique sartorial sense which makes them the crème de la crème of the fashion blogosphere in the country.




The Post and Style Structure of the Best Fashion Blogs in India

If you were to go through the best fashion blogs in India, you will notice that all of them have a sense of uniqueness which makes them stand out. Their posts share personal experiences in a way that will help you relate and may give you the chance to use those experiences in your own life.

These blogs have a catchy introduction which reels in new readers and coerces them to linger a little longer. While their content is really strong, their presentations are even more alluring. It is not just about writing something interesting, but being able to share it in an interesting way too.




Here are a few factors that help in drawing attention to a Fashion Blog:


Whether it is your writing style, the length of the posts or the use of photographs in the blog, your readers should be able to find consistency in your work. Consistency helps in winning a lot of hearts. If you choose to give up your distinctive style of writing to mimic someone who is currently trending, your readers will probably notice it. As a result you may end up losing precious traffic for your blog.

Also remember to stay consistent when it comes to the styles you talk about. Blogs that end up contradicting their own posts in later blog posts may not be liked as much. Your ideologies are resonated with that of your readers and if they begin noticing a difference they must just look for someone else who matches their wavelength.





Flow is something that you experience when you start reading a post or going through a blog. It is difficult to sum up flow since it can be perceived differently by people. What the best fashion blogs in India have in common is a good flow which helps us collect our thoughts about fashion and chart them on the same course.

A blog has good flow when the use of a certain style is common throughout the blog. The right length of paragraphs, the use of bullet points only when needed, the manner in which topics are organized and the use of images are all part of that flow.


Good fonts and better readability help a blog ace the game. Too small and your readers won’t like it, too big and they may end up with the awkwardness of scrolling continually to read the entire blog. Pick the right size and the right font. Use a readable font for the body of the blog so that your readers can easily read through the post without any hiccups.





The colours of the blog play an equally important role. Style guides are very effective in helping anyone decide the colours of the blog. It discusses the colours which complement each other helping bloggers pick the right colours for their blogs. The best fashion blogs in India are very colourful and cheerful. They attract users with their vibrancy and soulfulness of content.

Ideally, colours should match the personality of the blog. If you like neutral colours then remember to keep the colours neutral for all pages. Your users will be able to relate to the personality of the blog more closely when the blog shows consistency in the colours it chooses.

Good Visuals

Fashion yearns for quality. Your blog is your reflection. A fashion blog counts on good quality imagery. For all other photography, your uniqueness will count. Not just good quality photos, but also the right size and the right placement of photos will matter. Too many photos with very less content are not appreciated all the time.




Recent Trends

New trends give fashion blogs the spirit of survival. Every now and then a blog post about a trend of the past may work, but everything else has to conform to the latest developments in the world of fashion. Whether it is hairstyles, clothes or makeup tips, when a blog keeps up with the rest of the world it gives its users information which is more useful and liked more by the people.

Fashion is dynamic and it experiences changes more often now than ever before. People from different walks of life have their own idea about fashion and style. Keeping a target audience in mind, fashion blogs must be able to meet the needs of a wider audience.

Personal Experiences

The personal experiences of a fashion blogger are what form the actual soul of the blog. Whether it was an honest mistake that helped them change their makeup ideas or a trip to their hometown when they rediscovered the beauty of a fabric; when fashion bloggers associate their blog’s ideologies with their own experiences, their readers feel more connected. They are able to make more sense of it and they find reason in the blogger’s endorsement of that particular idea.




While there are many possible ways to break down the fashion angle, I hope my suggestions get you thinking about your own. 🙂

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