Back to Basics | Simple Classic Style

Back to Basics | Simple Classic Style



There is something seductively special when the sun becomes generous and decides to show its sunny side on a wintry day. There is always a feeling of enthusiasm while waking up to the colours of sunlight, and the buoyed feeling inside me looking at a bright day is inexplicably special. The air feels fresher; my eyes feel like they are wider open and an unwavering stability to start the day nudges me on.

Although the sun has always had a therapeutic effect on me, along with the warmth and brightness outside; sometimes it is not just about the sun enhancing my mood ~ the clothes I own and wear too play a vital part in elevating my frame of mind. Yes, I share a very unique relationship with my clothes, and they play an important part in the way I feel.




Off late I have been thinking about my style of dressing, the clothes I own, the meticulous way I have chosen them over others and my sense of attachment towards them ~ especially this bespoke ensemble. I have a special liking towards it ~ wearing it makes me feel graceful and more confident ~ the ivory tones, the weave, and the beautiful silhouette; they all play their magic on me.

Yes, I can be prejudiced when it comes to certain clothes in my wardrobe and I’m always aiming to build on these pieces. Pieces that I like on first appearance that can turn out to be wardrobe changers later down the line, when I realise just how good I feel in them ~ you know the pieces I’m referring to.




Recently I happened to read Marie Kondo’s book ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying’ where she asks you if any of the items in your wardrobe brings you unreasonable joy. Well, her words struck a chord and really resonate with me; buying, keeping and looking after the pieces that spark joy as they bind together skeins of memories based on my sartorial choices is what it’s all about for me.




What do you think of my look? Tell me in the comments below!

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* I love bringing together a bunch of conflicting items and weaving my own sense of one-ness to them. *


  • As a far-from trend-led person (in general I tend to dress quite casually), designer fashion has never quite been my forte. Thank you so much for sharing this. It’s beautiful, classic and cool x

  • I pretty much want to covet your wardrobe. Seriously, your selection on IG is AMAZING. I likewise concur that nothing beats a custom-made ensemble ~ simple, classic, and perfect. 🙂

    • Thanks for your constant support, Natalie. It’s so nice to know you’re reading and enjoying the content I create, and believe in it. xx

  • You would be able to wear this gorgeous set often as a more neutral piece, and it could transition to a fall colour palette easily. You made it look fabulous for the spring/summer season in the manner in which you styled it, Tanya!

  • There’s something about resort wear — maybe in light of the fact that you only wear it on holiday, but it feels so much more special than your everyday clothes. Luxurious, even.

    • I feel you about travel. I sometimes think I spend too much of my money on resort wear, but then I remember how much joy it brings me. 🙂

  • I think you look amazing in this outfit! I do own a few sheer kimonos and love them. What’s more, I figure the wrap could be cute as a lightweight outer layer on even structured trousers.

    • It’s really is a beautiful item of clothing… perfect for the summer. It’s so airy; it seems to be made of the morning mist. 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Carlie! It’s so important to me to inspire others, and it makes my day whenever one of you tells me that I have!

  • Looks darling on you as always, and I think this could be a great piece for business casual with a twist. I mean that I could see this being a fun addition for those looking to add fashion to boring business casual. I appreciate you keeping us up to speed, Tanya!

  • A standout amongst other collaborated efforts I’ve seen yet (as in, I truly feel like your blog aesthetic fits in so well with this look). Love this so much, Tanya!

  • I absolutely love this post! Any approach to bring a quiet perspective — regardless of whether through interiors, clothes or hobbies — becomes crucial.

  • I find your post quite intriguing. We end up with so much stuff that in all honesty I find it very stressful to look at. 🙁

  • Your outfit is ivory-in-winter perfection. You know I’m an immense devotee of your style and outfits in general, and this one is no exception.

  • Your ensemble is exquisite, Tanya. Head to toe ivory is perfect for any season. So chic! Thanks for another great post! xx

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