Answers To Fashion Questions Most Frequently Asked By My Readers

Answers To Fashion Questions Most Frequently Asked By My Readers

I frequently get asked fashion questions, and subsequently my inbox is constantly full. I’m not bothered, because I enjoy answering questions my readers may have for me and helping them understand their style quotient better. Be that as it may, not every question merits a single 1,000-word blog-post to answer it; most have simple and short responses to them. Today, I have taken six questions that were asked on Facebook / Instagram, and posted my responses here. So, without further ado, here are reader questions and my {attempted} answers:



1) Is your remarkable sense of style an inherent quality or did you cultivate it over time?

In my personal opinion, style is a learned behaviour. It represents your perceptions, your ability to question and respond to new situations, and the brazen courage of taking a step into the unknown.

In other words, style is the austere sincerity of your inner being reflected in what you wear. My style is woven intricately into my persona to create a seamless harmony between my natural eye for fashion and an expression of individualism that I have developed over the years.

2) According to you, does the adage “less is more” apply to fashion?

For a generation that is encumbered with exorbitance in everything, being succinct is an awarding skill that can open many doors to success. When it comes to fashion, minimalism may sound mundane to a few – but this is certainly a time where you can see the modernist world moving away from elaboration to creating beauty from simplicity. Being seen in gaudy attire is one thing and making your presence felt even in stark austerity is another; to have the capacity to voice your style & personality subduedly is a definitive ability.

3) If you could be the face of any brand in the world, which one will you choose?

Hermès. This French Luxury goods manufacturer personifies elegance through its quintessential business ideologies that have constantly rejected modernization of its techniques {i.e. mass production through assembly lines and mechanization}. The company proudly employs a small team of extremely skilled craftsmen in France to hand-make every single item. Hermès as a brand represents sophistication and is the true definition of luxury.




4) What are you eyeing in fashion this season?

There are so many things I have my eye on, so I always end up exploring a number of styles and trends throughout the year. While good basics, like a great pair of jeans or a classy white t-shirt seldom leave my mind when I am out shopping, I also have an affinity for pieces that are seasonal trends which complement my style.

2017 is all about #DenimWithAttitude. I think I will be living in wide-leg jeans this season; you will find me sporting these with a crisp white linen shirt or I may play them down by pairing them with a jersey tee, and thrown in an embroidered and appliquéd denim jacket to complete my look.

5) Which style decade would you like to be transported to?

The 1920’s was a decade of fashion revolution where the corset finally faded into oblivion; which was incredibly liberating for women. But there was more to this symbolic change in fashion than just the practicality of it. In the absence of the hourglass figure, women began to find a new way to exude sex appeal and it came in the form of raised hemlines, with legs becoming the new symbol of sexiness.

I also have a yearning for the style of the 1940s which embodied strong silhouettes and beautiful shoes.

It should be noted that I appreciate style in every silhouette and every decade of the twentieth-century. It is remarkable to know that fashion never stagnates. That it is important to evolve. That’s the evolution in “Fashion is Evolution.”




6) Who is your favourite style icon?

I find inspiration in three personalities who have illuminated the pathways of fashion for me. I adore Audrey Hepburn and her utterly enduring style, I admire Coco Chanel for her distinct signature aesthetic, and my third style icon, Olivia Palermo, who also doubles as my muse, is the modern-day street-style icon – effortlessly chic in a way that manages to showcase everything she wears with a natural relaxed elegance.

So there you are, my answers to your most stylish FAQs — and if you’ve got another, ask away in the comments. 🙂

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