An Oasis of Calm, in the Midst of a City that Never Sleeps

An Oasis of Calm, in the Midst of a City that Never Sleeps

“Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it’s not luxury.” I came across Coco Channel’s words while scrolling through Pinterest and it got me thinking. Comfort isn’t only about accessories, but about every aspect of one’s life. Whether it’s the shoes we buy, or the homes we live in. All these aspects come together to define us.

Living in Mumbai, the city of eternal summer, there are far too many days when the sun just feels a little too hot, and the streets a little too crowded. That’s why ‘home’, here, means more than a place you return to at the end of the day. It’s the place that allows us to unwind, relax, and ruminate ~ leaving the city behind.

When I came across Raheja Imperia-I, a luxury residential project in the heart of Worli, it seemed like the perfect spot to call home. Here, the city dissolves into the background, especially as you step onto the rooftop. Here, comfort is at the very core of the layout; whether it’s the expansive open windows, or the rooftop that’s more than a terrace. After all, who wouldn’t want a home where you can step onto the terrace for a leisurely plunge in the pool, or to catch a quick movie?


388b Aeon Pool


Imagine taking a dip in crystal clear waters underneath the night sky, floating in an infinity pool that overflows into the city ~ all this at 677 feet above the urban frenzy! It appears that in the skies, there is a reign of sheer tranquility. Of course, knowing that its Asia’s highest residential infinity pool ~ just adds a touch more glamour to it all.

Just nearby, the Private Club is open with some tempting delicacies. And right next to these delightful waters will be the Sky Media Zone, an open-air seating area to enjoy a theatrical spectacle in the pure night air. And the endless vistas will always be a delightful cherry on top of this delectable cake!


388c Luna


The more I inquired, the more I realized: this space is as much about comfort as it is about luxury. At Imperia-I, residents won’t just enter their homes, they will enter their world.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you believe comfort is essential for luxurious living?


* Disclaimer: This blog post has been brought to you in collaboration with Raheja Imperia-I. As always all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog!

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  • I firmly believe in ethical and environmentally cognizant designs. This property looks stunning! I love how the shades of nature work together to create something unique and beautiful.

    • I absolutely agree, Lakshmi! I am almost certain you will find the ideal shade of nature for your rooms too, should you decide to invest!

  • This looks absolutely beautiful, Tanya! That ambience and personal atmosphere is truly what makes a difference!! Thank you so much for sharing, and wishing you an amazing week ahead!

    • Thank you so much, Aman! That is my natural approach to partnering with brands, just to keep my blog interesting and evolving 🙂 I guess that’s our mutual weakness, right?!

  • I love getting to know the people behind such brands and the process they take to create such interesting and aesthetically pleasing building designs. Such a beautiful rooftop concept, love the blue tones.

    • It’s always nice to see design and art integrated so seamlessly and their simulation looks stunning, Sangita. You should get in touch with Raheja if you haven’t done it already!

  • What fun… talk about a bunch of goodies all gift-wrapped for me! I’ve visit a few properties around Mumbai, but this is a real find.

  • Thanks for the info, Tanya! I just moved to Mumbai from the Philippines, and this helps me see what Indian builders bring to the table…

    • Welcome to my country, Patricia!
      I hear you… location in addition to aesthetic quality can make or break a beautiful space.

  • This week’s recommendation seems inspired by contemporary design sensibilities with touches of ethnic vibes, and Scandinavian inspiration. Maybe it will help me find my happy home too.

  • Innovativeness in conception and design is very important these days. This property looks stunning in this new plan. Thanks for sharing this post. Hope to see many much more such articles from you, Tanya.

  • I’m finally catching up on all the missed posts while my in-laws where here! Boy, I need months to get back to normality.

    Tanya, it’s really great to have you acquaint us with some fascinating new properties in the country. Can’t wait for more!

  • It’s interesting to note how Indian design has evolved, with more room for personal expression these days. Thanks for featuring this interesting property ~ I’ll be sure to check it out.

  • As I sit writing this, I feel as though I can almost picture myself living there. Your posts fill me with positivism, Tanya. Thank you for sharing.

  • I am satisfied with your site and your posts are very nice and useful to us. I got such good information on this topic. Thanks for sharing, Tanya!

  • I love the energy of the space featured, Tanya. But after checking the price, I will have to wait… Enjoy the new week!

  • I am obsessed with those details… A perfect combination for me ~ the infinity pool and my husband’s love for cinema!

  • What a great choice of pictures and words (as always), Tanya! Were I living in India, I would be compelled to visit and take a tour…

  • In love with its simplistic aesthetic ~ the nature of it leaves a feeling of relaxation and tranquility. Love the article too xo

  • I’m from the Maldives and it would be lovely to invest in a property that fuses Indian style sensibility with something so unique. Btw I like how the focus areas have been circled out and explained. Great work as always, Tanya!

    • Glad that you noticed ~ this gorgeous property is a bright and happy nod to anyone’s personality, Aerin. 🙂

  • I still have a LONG way to go wrt to acquiring my own place {my dream home this is}, however your post gave me some much-needed inspiration. I look forward to seeing and reading more!

    • I am looking forward to seeing your apartment once you’ve made a purchase, Neha. Good luck with all your plans!

  • Gaaaaaah!! I am Raheja obsessed!! I absolutely love their concept and design ~ the sheer ingenuity! I feel a purchase coming on! Thank you for sharing.

  • A colourful sight is always delightful to watch. The collection of beautifully written articles with amazing imagery here on your blog is something else, Tanya! Thanks for sharing.

    • The older I get, the moodier I become. In a positive way of course 🙂 ~ and that reflects in the way I choose to share on my personal space here, Leon.

  • Love this property. That blue oasis and the open-air theatre are gorgeous and grab your attention instantly. And the aesthetic is just exactly what it should be. Loved this verbal tour!

    • I agree Zaira! And I’ve no doubt your little treasures will just fit in perfectly into your new home, should you decide to become a Raheja home owner. 🙂

  • Tanya, your blog is truly inspirational and authentic. I really admire everything that you showcase, but fall deeply in with your pieces on Urban Living…

    • Thanks a lot, Michael!! I think when you understand your strengths well you can choose how to best showcase them ~ a great gift for the writer in me. Have a great day & cheers from India!

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