An exclusive interview with the super stylish and talented actor – Suraj Gowda

An exclusive interview with the super stylish and talented actor – Suraj Gowda

I recently had the chance to interview Suraj Gowda, a model turned actor who started his career in the film industry after winning Zee Kannada’s reality show ‘Paradeshadalli Paradata’.

Q1. How does one go about getting into the acting business?
SG: I believe one must know the art of acting first. Just good looks would not take you there. It’s a mixture of a well groomed personality and acting skills.

Q2. What are some of the difficulties of the acting business?
SG: If you come from a background where no one belongs to the industry, the most difficult thing is to figure out the right path to be an actor.


Q3. Is it true that you have to change yourself in order to be accepted into the entertainment business?
SG: I personally think you don’t need to change, but professionally, grooming is required to live up to the trends right now.

Q4. About how long is the average amount of time before an actor actually gets a job?
SG: Being at the right place at the right time is all it takes.


Q5. What kind of things should an aspiring actor be involved in to prepare themselves for this field of work?
SG: Acting, dancing, fighting, staying fit, and most importantly the willingness to do whatever it takes to reach your goal.

Q6. Is it hard to find your genre of acting?
SG: Not really. Probably after a movie or two, you can choose the genre you want to work in.


Q7. What is a good age to begin to pursue your acting career?
SG: As early as possible, because the more experienced you are at your craft, the chances of making it increase.

Q8. What advice would you give to someone aspiring to become an actor?
SG: Believe in yourself and don’t give up. One day the people who didn’t believe in you will tell everyone how they know you.

Here’s wishing Suraj the very best for his latest release, a romantic comedy entertainer – Madhuveya Mamatheya Kareyole!


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