Amuse Bouche: Introducing The Perfect BITE

Amuse Bouche: Introducing The Perfect BITE


BITE Beauty is the name that comes to my mind when I think about a brand that likes to keep it simple; they stick to what they’re good at and create fabulous products. BITE Beauty has become synonymous with cosmetic products that harness real benefits from natural ingredients that are paraben-freegluten free and also cruelty free!  Their hand-crafted, food grade lipsticks have become must haves for beauty lovers the world over!





To create lipsticks which retain moisture and have a creamier consistency, BITE has developed a hand-cut technique where the outer-waxy-layer of each bullet is removed to carefully expose its inner creamier core. The bullets are then infused with 12 aromatic oils creating a sensual taste on the lips in colours with bold dimension, purity and vibrancy!



The Perfect BITE That Redefines Lipstick

The brand recently launched a high-performance formulated collection called Amuse Bouche. Available in 34 luxurious shades, Amuse Bouche takes their market position to a whole new level, as it delivers great hydration naturally nourishing your lips, has a delicious smell due to the nature of the wide range of fruity ingredients and edible oils that have been used, and comes in a semi matte finish that retains long term colour, and prevents feathering to provide a fabulous look!



Go BITE, while they last!



Ever wonder how your favorite shade came to life? I take you inside the Bite Beauty factory to get a sneak peak on how lipstick is made!

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