A Premium Indulgence

A Premium Indulgence

Featured in the February 2017 issue of Ritz, South India’s premier über lifestyle magazine with a 2,00,000 plus readership. Excerpt:

Biting into a dark, premium, melt-in-the-mouth luxury chocolate is no longer a rare indulgence. The well-heeled, well-travelled, cosmopolitan citizens of the South are out for a gourmet experience whenever they please, courtesy the exotic chocolate boutiques that dot the streets in cities such as Bengaluru, providing a top-class experience. RITZ explores how premium chocolates are driving chocolate consumption in the market.

A sinful fantasy, chocolates have transitioned from confectionaries consumed only during festive occasions to an all-season phenomenon that can be relished before a meal, after a meal, or even as an entire meal! Yes, it’s no longer about munching a bar when sitting bored. It is about soaking in the varied flavours of rich rare cocoa sourced from places such as Madagascar, Ghana, Ecuador and Venezuela; and then blended with exotic ingredients like French sea salt, cinnamon, ancho chillies, Mexican vanilla pods and organic saffron to create heavenly creations such as pralines, mousse, ganache and eclairs with world-class technology. From a chocolicious appetizer to a main and a ‘dessert’, today it is all about indulging in a holistic chocolate experience.

This is what Luxury Lifestyle Social Influencer, Tanya Dhar has to say, “If life had a wonderful event round the corner, then I’d have chocolates waiting for me to celebrate. Every time I found myself in troubled waters, chocolates have comforted me as I waded towards the light at the end of the tunnel. Chocolates weaken me and empower me, but most of all they make me fall in love with them every time I enjoy a sublime chocolate experience. They always bring back sweetness in my life. Fernando Pessoa felt for chocolates just the way I do when he said – There is no metaphysics on Earth like chocolates!”

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