5 Bangalore Food Trucks To Drive To Right Now!

5 Bangalore Food Trucks To Drive To Right Now!

In the last year or so, the trend of curb-side cuisine in Bangalore has certainly set the benchmark for fast and delicious food on wheels. They are everywhere, come in all shapes and sizes, and serve up everything from juicy meat burgers to barbeque and pav bhaji to chocolate pancakes!

Driving their passion in style, I set out to discover the delectable journey of 5 food trucks in Namma Bengaluru. I present to you the 5 Bangalore food trucks to drive to right now!

1. As On Fire

The secret to their barbeque being fabulously delicious is “Nishanth’s mom’s creative recipe, which has always been a hit at family get-togethers,” Vindya tell me.

Co-owned by Nishanth Rajkumar and Vindya Murthy, “As On Fire” is India’s first wood fire pizza on a truck, where you can witness the marinated barbeque chicken sizzle on the grill in their live kitchen, leaving you with a mouth watering experience! You can also witness your entire pizza’s journey from dough to plate.

Q1. Why did you decide to go into the food truck business?

VM: Nishanth and I run a creative agency called Macula Studios. We were keen on starting a second venture, and Nishanth being the passionate foodie that he is, suggested we give the food segment a shot. Once we had done our research we realized that this could turn out to be quite a promising business venture. We were initially keen on starting a cafe, but thought it was important to test our product in the marketplace first; hence the decision to get into the food truck business came about.

Q2. What do you love the most about owning your food truck?

NR: We have been in business since September last year, we have so many repeat customers and that feels really great, that we have touched their lives with our food and bonded with them.

Q3. Is the food truck scene competitive?

VM: Yes, there certainly is a booming market for it. But I think that when the food and concept are unique, there is not much cause for worry. From the onset we were pretty keen on being unique, that’s why as you can see our truck is really unique in design, and we are India’s first truck to serve wood fire pizza on wheels.

Q4. How did you conceptualize your menu? What are your most popular items?

NR: With the pizzas there was a lot of trial and error runs in the beginning. We tried a lot of recipes, and had family and friends come over for tasting sessions, and then finalized on our winning recipes. Our main motive is to serve fresh, healthy food. We wanted to stick to whole wheat because it is a healthier option, and we wanted to provide several toppings options because the other pizzerias’ in town lacked that. We also wanted to use the best cheese which would not leave people bloated or feeling too full too fast.

Our customer fav. dishes are the awesome threesome: barbequed affair, masala madness and chocolate flavour in pizzas, and the holy legs in our barbeque.

*My vote goes to their chicken BBQ… mouth-watering delicious!

They are stationed at 27th main HSR layout from 6:30pm to 11:00pm.

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2. Café Road Kill

Co-owners Varun Srikanth and Kerina Pereira tell me that it was the duos instinct and passion for food that drove them to open “Café Road Kill”.

Café Road Kill promises a celebration of Authentic Anglo Indian Cuisine generously doused with lip smacking unique homemade Blends & Spices.

Q1. Why did you decide to go into the food truck business?

VS: Road kill for us is an extension of our personalities – both of us found our 9 to 5 jobs boring! We were initially in the catering business for a year before we transitioned to a food truck. Keeping in mind that Bangalore is known for having the highest mortality rates for cafes and restaurants, we decided that the food truck was a more viable option for us – largely because of the kind of cuisine we celebrate to the way we creatively market and sell our food.

Q2. What do you love the most about owning your food truck?

KP: The joy of meeting and interacting with new people every day, and educating them about our cuisine is definitely the best part about owning our food truck. As nothing is certain in our line of work, we take on each day as a new challenge, and that adds to the excitement of what we do!

Q3. Is the food truck scene competitive?

KP: That in my opinion would depend largely on how you market yourself, find your niche audience, and of course celebrate your cuisine! My advice would be to be careful in your choice of cuisine, ensuring you serve a niche market. The food business in itself is very competitive, but like I have said, we really enjoy what we do.

Q4. How did you conceptualize your menu? What are your most popular items?

VS: We are the only food truck in India which sells all of these: Chicken, Beef, Pork, Bacon, Ham, Fish, Prawns, et all. We have mascots for the varied meats we sell: the Rooster is the chef representing chicken, the Bull is the mechanic representing beef and the overall theme of the truck, and finally there’s the Hog which represents freedom, the Harley Davidson owners group and also the pork we sell!

We are famous for our subs; the pork sub with bacon on top being my personal favourite, and our chicken wings which come in five flavours; BBQ/spicy/chilly honey/creamy/peanuts butter

*My vote goes to their French fries… to die for! Really!

They are stationed behind BDA Complex, Koramangala 1st Block from 5pm to 11pm

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3. Smoke Signal BBQ

Dexter’s menu has a dozen options that are modified frequently; there could be a chunky tomato infused with beef, or a hearty potato enriched with sausage, and there’s always some lively variation on the sauces and the tasty sides. Talking about his food truck, Dexter tells me that when he saw the opportunity to serve up fare that was not only affordable, but also delicious, he wanted to take the chance to provide that.

Q1. Why did you decide to go into the food truck business?

D: Well, I chanced upon the concept on television, and thought it would be cool to have one of my own that could serve world BBQ & Grill on the move, while delivering unique flavours to city goers. Also, I’m a food-lover who is has an interest in marketing, so I’ve always liked the idea of doing something that incorporated both those sides.

Q2. What do you love the most about owning your food truck?

D: I love standing in my truck and grilling meat! There can really be no other love quite like that one!

Q3. Is the food truck scene competitive?

D: It is quite competitive, and I see that there are new trucks coming up as it is now considered a trend, even with the limited parking space! I think you really need to pay importance to the quality and flavour of the food you serve, and by doing that I intend to fill a niche in the food truck world.

Q4. How did you conceptualize your menu? What are your most popular items?

D: The food at Smoke Signal BBQ is a contemporary interpretation of the classical American BBQ. Diners can indulge in delicious street food with the best quality local ingredients available.

Our popular dishes are our Texan style saucy wings, peri peri, steak burgers, and our sea food grill.

*My vote goes to their flavourful crisp-skinned chicken wings… out.of.this.world!

They are stationed at Clarence School on Clarke Road from 6pm to 11pm.

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4. The Bite Club

Founder Rahul Nair, tells me that the one reason why he started his truck last year, was because he loves interacting with people and realized it’s what he would enjoy doing for the rest of his life!

Q1. Why did you decide to go into the food truck business?

RN: On a more serious note, opening a store is a really big commitment, and I decided to choose a truck in order to test out the market and see if people would buy our product. Then again, I believe I have the power to make my customers smile; make them forget about all the stress they have been through the entire day while they polish off lip smacking grub!

Q2. What do you love the most about owning your food truck?

RN: That I’m my own boss! No seriously, I find that this is one platform where I get to talk to people who share the same passion for food; who dream, talk, eat and sleep food!

Q3. Is the food truck scene competitive?

RN: Yes, it is in Bangalore! All the food truckers I have personally known share similar traits to mine, so it’s a battle between two good sides when we are at an event – and that is what keeps me charged up! Also, I would say don’t just do it for the money; take the risk to do something that you want to do. I just took the risk, did my research, and that has certainly paid off!

Q4. How did you conceptualize your menu? What are your most popular items?

RN: It all goes back to my childhood days; my Uncle who happens to be an amazing cook back at Vasco (Goa) would dish up the most amazing Goan/Parsi delicacies when we would visit during our summer vacations, so that became my default menu when I started my own venture.

Apart from Goan, The Bite Club also does American & Continental cuisine. My mantra is to keep 1/3rd of the menu floating, and introduce new fare from across the globe. At our previous event (The Bangalore Food Fete), we had introduced a Nepali main course meal called “Trip to Nepal” (Rice with Traditional Nepali Chicken Curry) that was loved by all our customers who had a go at it!

The Bite Club’s Popular dishes are: Calamari Rings (Battered / Masala), Peri Peri Prawns , Monster Burgers , Baconator Slider , Pork Chorizo Fry, Devil’s Goan Chicken Fry , Hash Brown Slider and Chicken Vindaloo.

*My vote goes to their Peri Peri Prawns… delish!

They are stationed at Kasturi Nagar, Indira Nagar from 6.30pm to 10.30pm

Contact: 9620284362 / 7899916773

The Bite Club’s promotions at the moment are: Buy 3 Burgers at the price of 2 (Offer valid till 30 April 2016). To avail this offer, customers should mention that they have read our article here on Urban Diaries.

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5. Veggcetra

Lakshmi Kumar at Veggcetra, aims at providing healthy vegetarian and vegan fare that rates high on quality, at a reasonable price. She tells me that her signature pasta and thirst quenching drinks are sought after by her customers. Veggcetra is a multi-cuisine food truck that serves dishes ranging from Continental to Indian fusion.

Q1. Why did you decide to go into the food truck business?

LK: I found it was a challenge for me when I wanted to eat out, and wanted to eat healthy and tasty vegetarian food. The restaurants that I frequented lacked hygiene and value for money; this set me thinking, and here I am today.

Q2. What do you love the most about owning your food truck?

LK: I think it’s the joy of people relishing the food Veggcetra has to offer that makes me love what I do. And, with the Food truck I am accessible to more such people.

Q3. Is the food truck scene competitive?

LK: Yes, it is highly competitive. But I believe it is best if we let our food talk for itself. At Veggcetra we provide healthy food of the best quality and taste, at an affordable price. Our service is also quick. This, in my opinion, is the reason the ‘food truck’ concept is gaining popularity, and growing rapidly in cosmopolitan cities like Bangalore

Q4. How did you conceptualize your menu? What are your most popular items?

LK: Most of the items on my menu are a result of experimenting with different cuisines, and finding healthier alternatives without compromising on taste. The Mexo-burger, Mango colada, Hawaiian Twist, Espresso Brownie, Frittatas and the pastas are a treat to all foodies.

*My vote goes to their Creamy Pasta… absolutely yummy!

They are stationed at Rajajinagar from 6.30pm to 10.30pm

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There you go, the 5 Bangalore food trucks to drive to right now! What are you waiting for?!

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